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Passage d'Enfer

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As intriguing as the name 'passage to hell' is, it doesn't refer to the fragrance, but comes from the previous address of L'Artisan's head offices in Paris.

If the name doesn’t get you, then the scent will. Incense and frankincense hit you first, but before they get dark and heavy, lily and white musk emerge and lighten it up. All together it’s a very clear, uncomplicated scent that balances the feeling of dark ancient churches and light fields of flowers - the scent of cool, old stone church walls built around a dark soul. It’s simply gorgeous.

One of my all-time favourite scents, it's a quiet stunner that never lets me down.

Notes: woods,incense, lily, white musk

Type: EDT

Parfumeur: Olivia Giacobetti

Price: $5.00