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Piper Nigrum is one of my "go-to" scents when I want to feel calm and clear-headed. It's built on contradictions....warm and spicey from the pepper, cool and green from the mint.

The mint hits you in the topnotes - slightly sweet but creamy - and then gives way to the herbal spiciness of balsam and pepper. It gets drier in the drydown, but the creamy complexity continues - I smell a hint of licorice too.

For me, Piper Nigrum has a unique hypnotic quality, and I love it because it is not sweet, smells exotic, and is long-lasting, which I really love in a perfume. 

Note: Recently I noticed that the bottle seemed to have less in it than I thought it should have - turns out my "20's something" daughter  likes it, too


Notes: mint, anise, fennel, black peper, clove, balsam, cedar, amber

Type: EDT

Parfumeur: Lorenzo Villoresi

Price: $5.00