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Complex is a walk on the wild side.

The topnotes are an herbal blast - sweat mixed with a plant cocktail of herbs and grasses, like a roll in the hay! I was transported to an herb garden filled with basil and sage, intensely heated by the mid-day sun - pungent, resinous.

The middle notes are animalic - sweaty leather! I was in a stable - the smell of horses, saddles and tack - more hay. Thirty minutes after I first dabbed Complex on my wrists, this fragrance was still strange, and "un-perfumey".

On my skin, there was little sweetness until well into the drydown, but then the true character appeared, and the dry herbal/leather mix was tempered by the faint sweetness of violet and  incense, and soft, powdery musk.

This perfume is not for the feint of heart. It is confident, uncompromising, and.....complex.



Notes: Basil, sage, leather, resins, incense, musk.

Type: EDP

Parfumeur: Michael Boadi

Price: $6.00