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Rose de Nuit

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What a shame Rose de Nuit is a European exclusive – it’s so good you want to smell it on more people!

Created by nose Gilles Romey, this EDP is like no other rose scent. Dark and dangerous with out being heavy or overbearing.

It starts out with a rose/mint combo that always gets attention. It short order it starts to smell fleshy, almost meaty, from jasmine and dried apricot, the latter adding just the perfect note of sweetness. At the base it gets resinous and animalic, woody and warm.

If you love rose scents this is a must have and if rose scents don’t stir your soul, then this is the one you must have. The exclusivity thing is just wrong – everybody should have a bottle of this.

Notes: Turkish rose, yellow jasmine, apricot, amber, musk, sandalwood and beeswax.
Type: Eau de Parfum
Parfumeur: Gilles Romey

Price: $7.00