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A Lutens exclusive this EDP is all about lush, indolic jasmine. The bergamot/jasmine opening is like putting your face in a big bouquet of jasmine flowers – gorgeous! Soon a note of carnation appears and enhances the floral aspect of jasmine. As it blooms on the skin, whiffs of naphthalene and ink pop up. Musk adds a leathery, animalic, dirty dimension, but before it can get too skanky coumarin and patchouli warm it up, soften the jasmine and give it a touch of warmth at the dry down. Jasmine bliss!

N. B.: Sarrasins has an indigo tint that stains clothes and paper.

Notes: bergamot, jasmine, carnation, woods, musk, coumarin, patchouli.

Type: EDP

Parfumeur: Christopher Sheldrake


Price: $8.00