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Vamp à NY

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One of the challenges currently facing perfumery is the EU fragrance regulations that prohibit the use of some traditional perfume materials they consider to be ‘harmful’. Along with this is the movement to go ‘green’. 
Newcomer perfume house Honoré des Prés has responded to these challenges by developing a line of 100% certified organic fragrances. Their latest offering is the ‘New York Collection’, three fragrances by Olivia Giacobetti. One of these is Vamp à NY.
Vamp à NY opens with a hit of sweet rum, not a boozy note, but a tropical one. Then creamy, fleshy, buttery tuberose comes forward – not screaming, just blooming with the warmth of skin. Along with this is a note of vanilla and one of green. Later, a little heat shows up close to the skin, that shimmers and dances and draws people closer.
Vamp à NY is an entirely original creation, and a must-have tuberose.
Notes: rum, coconut, tuberose, vanilla, secret green note, and others
Type: EdP
Parfumeur: Olivia Giacobetti

Price: $5.00