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I always thought of old ladies when I thought of violet perfume. After I smelled Violet Empire, my opinion changed 180 degrees. This is a fabulous fragrance.

This is violet as I’d never smelled it before –  violets in a bed of green grasses with a halo of minty herbs, green violet leaves crushed by foraging deer.  Top notes are almost haunting, the dry-down is resinous woods, with a sinuous trail of leather. A moment in time in the woods - fresh, ever so slightly sweet, shining green– the smell of spring. 

This is a fabulous spring fragrance but one I'll want to wear all year long. It is also a true unisex scent.


Notes: violet leaf, rosewood, leather, mahogany wood

Type: Water EDT

Parfumeur: Christopher Brosius

Price: $5.00