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1538 Rheims - SOLD OUT

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This is a Limited Edition fragrance so we cannot re-stock. So Sad!


1538 Rheims is one of four scents in the D.S. & Durga 2009 perfume collection  for Anthropologie stores.

D.S., a musician, & Durga, an architect, live in Brooklyn, N.Y., and their  artisanal perfume company evolved from a holiday gift project making after-shaves and toners from natural tinctures for their friends.  They make the perfumes in small batches, some from oils they distill themselves, and also from high-quality ingredients they source from around the world. In their own words, they “ strive to make original concoctions far from the mass-produced fragrances ubiquitous in modern times”. Visit their website

If you like complex, rich, long-lasting  fragrances, these are for you! I bought all four, but the one I wear the most is 1538 Rheims. An eau de parfum, this has a wonderful herbal smell, which opens with notes of ginger-lily, and rooty iris – slightly green and earthy. 

Then the volume is turned up on the earthiness as the patchouli heart emerges – but this is no “hippy-dippy” sweet patchouli! This is dry, exotic, all grown up, and when the musk mixes in, it becomes a wonderful soft, slightly boozy, scent which hangs around all day (a small thing, but I always feel like I’ve got my money’s worth when a perfume lasts all day!) It also stays "up close and personal", which makes it a great "date" scent - for women, and men.

D.S. & Durga’s  1538 Rheims is definitely not a “mass-produced”  modern fragrance. It’s not cheap, but it’s the real deal.  Hand-made, unique, complex, and ultra-niche. Love it!

Notes: ginger-lily, iris, patchouli, musk

Type: EdP perfume oil

Parfumeurs: D.S. & Durga 

NOTE: 1538 is SOLD OUT, and is not available through our Decant Store.

Price: $0.00