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October 2021

  • Ambra – fresh and warm and sensuous

    October tree -

    One of my favourite months is October. Where I live, it starts out as late summer, when the leaves turn fiery red, burnished gold and Jack O' Lantern orange and ends as the real beginning of autumn, the leaves fallen to the ground, leaving branches, boughs and limbs bare. It has an air of melancholy about it that makes me seek coziness and comfort.

  • Bois Mystérieux - Deep, dark, leathery woods

    Bois Mysterieux Eau de Parfum - courtesy

  • Tom Ford Noir – spicy and floral and masculine


    Most Saturdays throughout the summer and into late fall, my brother and I meet up and walk to the local farmer's market together. We love good food made from great produce and each other, so this is an easy way for us to catch up and just be together.

    A week before Thanksgiving, I noticed something in the air as we set out for the market.

    'Are you wearing a fragrance'? I asked him.

    'Yep,' he said.

    'But you never wear fragrance!'

    'That's right.'

    'But you're wearing it now.'