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6th Birthday Decant Draw Winners


What am I wearing this beautiful sunny spring day when the leaves are bursting open on the maple trees ,and hyacinth and yellow forsythia are blooming? Violet Empire by CB I Hate Perfume, still my favourite spring scent….

But enough about perfume, we have news. Gwen and I celebrated our sixth perfumeniche birthday a little differently this year, in recognition of our friendship. Good friends before we even started collecting and writing about perfumes, niche or otherwise, we’re still good friends – besties, in fact.

So our contest this year was about besties. We asked you to write and tell us about your best friend, tell us why they are special to you, and we would enter both your names in a draw for $50 each of perfumeniche decants – your choice!

We had lots of entries – we loved reading about all of you and your BFFs – then yesterday we threw your names into the Blue Jays cap, invoked the perfume gods, and drew a name.

And the winner is…S.H. in Vancouver, BC, and her very best bestie, C.C., who lives in the United States. Congratulations you two, and have fun choosing your decants! And when you get together next, I bet you'll share them. That's what besties who love perfume do...