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Anat Fritz - It’s no mystery why it’s so FBW (September 26, 2011 New Fragrance Listing)

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Why is it that the mysterious can be so compelling? Take Anat Fritz for example. She’s a knitwear designer based in Berlin who specializes in accessories – hats, scarves and bags. She also produces one of the most captivating fragrances I know called, well, Anat Fritz.

I’ve had a difficult time finding out much about Ms. Fritz and her web site offers only a little bit of background:

Anat Fritz is known for her authentic & pure designs.
A keen sense of harmony & proportion characterizes her products.
Arising out of traditional & folkloristic elements of her Hungarian-Romanian-Jewish family background, accessories like hats, scarfs & bags are being made; as well as creations out of wool, fur & leather.
The constant examination with her home country & roots always generates new ideas for further remarkable collections.
Anat Fritz works with finest, high quality material, which is being exclusively crafted with love & care.

Kinda speaks more to the wool/fur/leather side of things as opposed to the scent side. Making the frag seem kinda mysterious and while it’s not hard to find, it’s not widely available either. Hmmm, kinda elusive which made me want to try it even more. And when I finally did – it was a profound perfume moment I’ll always remember….

Fragrant vetiver is right at the opening – woody, earthy, green and herbaceous. Just as you are enjoying the headiness of it, shy lavender comes up from behind bringing its floral sweetness, tinged with mintiness, and adds a lovely brightness. There’s no going back now and in a way, it would be OK if this were all there was to it, but the lavender has a camphourous facet that leads right to a note of cedar. At the heart these three notes intermingle, playing off the different aspects of each other on a base of soft sandalwood and earthy patchouli that echo and bolster the vetiver and cedar so that the whole mixture becomes warm, woody and rich.

Five ingredients, five keys to perfume paradise, combined to highlight just three glorious notes: vetiver, lavender and cedar. The notes are familiar but the result is unexpected. Kinda like walking through familiar woods only this time you’re not walking - you’re riding a lavender unicorn.

It’s no mystery why it’s so FBW.

Today, we’re adding Anat Fritz to our decant sample offering. Decants are $5.00.