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Maple syrup is unique to North America. The indigenous peoples, the Algonquins in particular, figured out how to transform the sap from the maple tree into syrup and sugar long before Europeans arrived. Maple syrup production is an important industry, particularly in Quebec, and Canada now supplies 80% of the world demand for maple products. Maple syrup has an understated soft sweetness, layered with caramel, vanilla, wood, smoke, and more. There’s nothing like it.
In 2011, Chantal Roux from Galimard Perfumery in Grasse, visited La Sucrerie de la Montagne in Rigaud, Quebec as a tourist, struck up a conversation with the owner, Pierre Faucher, who told her that he had a dream to make a perfume which captured the maple scent, and the rest is history. Together, they’ve created a gourmand fragrance called Attire-moi, which was launched in Fall 2012 in Cannes.
Attire-moi means “pull me in”, or “lure me in”, and that’s exactly what this beautiful EdP does as soon as I put my nose to the bottle. At first sniff, it’s sweet as I expect, but there’s strong pepper, mixed with the unique green woody maple note. The sweetness starts to evolve after the first couple of minutes, becoming scented with hints of coffee and indistinct spices – nutmeg, perhaps – and the heart is creamy and smooth.
As Attire-moi dries down, the delicious maple scent takes on dark vanilla and burnt caramel notes, smells warm, ambery-soft, smoky, pulling me in even more. The scent is fairly linear, but satisfyingly complex, and it is subtle, staying close to the skin, which I prefer with most perfumes. My husband, usually unimpressed with the frags I waft under his nose, actually requested a spritz this morning… “Now THAT I like!” 
Notes: green and soft sugar notes, maple syrup, coffee, balsamic, vanilla, crème brulée notes, the fragrance of the Canadian forest.
Type: EdP
Parfumeurs: Chantal Roux, Pierre Faucher

Price: $5.00