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Basil and Neroli

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Basil and Neroli was created by perfumer Anne Flipo, the nose behind Jo Malone’s Herb Garden Collection – two of which are in our Decant Store, Nasturtium and Clover, and Lavender and Coriander , in addition to her world-wide best-seller for L’Artisan Parfumeur, La Chasse aux Papillons. Anne’s unique skill with diaphanous white florals is well known in the perfume world, and this newest pairing of the delicious basil note and delicate orange blossom is superb. Basil and neroli, savoury and sweet, green and white, what a brilliant pair.

On the Jo Malone website, Anne Flipo perfectly describes this pairing:

“…the concept came to life as fresh, vegetal and sap-like, like a botanical garden…the top notes sing with basil’s freshness and generosity; sparkling and joyous. We used two varieties of basil; an overdose of both Basil Grand Vert and Basil Verbena, for a modern interpretation. We added an invigorating cedar needle note while the heart notes of neroli and orange bigarade create the glow of warm sunlight, and a floral aspect that balances well with the basil. Then the lasting notes of white musk and vetiver feel enveloping and grounding. It’s a game of colours between the green and the orange. They are welcoming ingredients that you want to touch.”

How does it smell? At first green, shimmery green basil with a fresh-as-all-outdoors garden waft, then slightly sweet with the addition of the orange-lemony neroli note. Neroli is the steam-distilled blosssoms from the bitter-orange tree, with green and spicy facets, less sweet and honeyed and much lighter than orange blossom. The basil is there throughout, in perfect harmony with the warm floral, no surprises or twists, just a no-holds-barred joyous scent.

I fell in love fifteen years ago with Jo Malone’s first fragrance, the herbal-citrus Lime Basil & Mandarin, now considered a benchmark for non-gendered urban-chic scents, and still one of my favourite scents which I wear frequently. Basil and Neroli is different, less resinous and more floral, a little sweeter and more playful and flirty, but like Lime Basil and Mandarin it hits all the right buttons, it goes right to my core and makes me feel good.  

And that, after all, is exactly what a beautiful fragrance should do.

Notes: Basil, cedar, neroli, bigarade, white musk, vetiver.

Type: Cologne

Parfumeur: Anne Flipo

Price: $5.00