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Bois de Violette – Purple dreams

I’m dreaming..........

I’m running in the dark woods, and I’m lost, and scared. That awful dream feeling of panic. Up ahead I see light coming through the tops of the towering cedars and I come into a cleared space. The forest floor is a thick carpet of green. Looking down, I step carefully, and a huge cloud of green puffs up, with the most pungent scent of crushed leaves. I think it’s poison but no, the green fades and it’s a magic soap bubble with something inside it, which is growing bigger and bigger as I stare transfixed. It’s a person, it’s ...........Prince!

He smiles and says: “Don’t be scared, I’m here to help you find your way out of the forest.” I’m struck dumb – as hard as I try words won’t come out of my mouth, so I breathe in and detect a faint smell of mint.

“Do you have any gum?” I ask.

“Don't be stupid” says Prince. “It’s not good for your teeth. You shouldn’t chew gum! You don’t need it. But I have something you do need.” And he holds out his arm. In his hand is a small bottle shaped like a bell jar. “This is a magic scent” says Prince. “A magician made it for me because he knows I love purple. I've sprinkled it on this green leaf carpet. Just use your nose and follow the scented trail of purple violets out of the forest.”

“That’s crazy! Violets don’t smell,’ I shout.

“Yes, they do” he smiles. “You’ve just never noticed before. They have a beautiful soft sweet herbal smell. Trust me – I know my purples! Here – take this – NOW!”

Suddenly, I’m holding the bell jar and Prince has disappeared. All I hear are the faint notes of "Purple Rain”. I sniff the forest air, smell the resinous cedar, the leaves of the plants, which are now a mass of small purple violet petals. The sweetened scent is magical, and I follow it out of the forest. I’m awake............

Nice story, but just a dream. The real story is this - I tested all the Serge Lutens Exclusives at the Palais Royale store in Paris over a period of three days, and I finally forced myself to sniff  Bois de Violette on Day Three. It was a revelation, because it is amazing!!

The top-notes fly out of the bottle directly from a spring forest. I can smell wet cedar, young green groundcover, including mint, slightly sour damp compost, and the faintest green violet note.

The middle stage showcases the violet as it sweetens, but the scent remains very distant from a fruity candied-violet........this violet remains deeply rooted in the forest, protected by its green leaves, and the towering resinous trees it's growing under.

The final drydown is the fully bloomed violet flower, pure and vital. And this ethereal scent of Bois de Violette will continuously waft by your nose, making your world a pleasant place as you live your day.

I have to admit, I keep a small metal atomizer of the perfume in my purse, just in case I have a bad day and need to find my way out of the forest. It’s purple, of course. And everytime I hear a Prince tune, I have a strong urge to spritz myself with Bois de Violette.

Bois de Violette is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $8.00 for 1 ml.