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Cédrat Intense

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Right out of the bottle, the first spritz of Cédrat Intense has the shock value similar to getting a snootful of Lemon Pledge. But this ain’t no cleaning polish! It’s ultra-bright, ultra-lemony, and juicy-fresh, all right, but in a flash it starts to turn rich and spicy from the pink pepper.

Hints of soft leather and wood come out as the perfume warms and settles on my skin, and after half an hour, the patchouli leads the fragrance into a smooth light dry-down The delicious juicy lemon note remains but the fragrance is now more layered and interesting, due to the sweet myrrh which adds an earthy balsamic note, with almost a hint of lavender.
The end result is a soft warm citrus scent, wrapped lightly in woods and spice. It’s not overbearing or sweet, it stays on the skin for much longer than any citrus scent I’ve tried, and I can assure you it smells great on women or men

If you like citrus in perfume, you must try Cédrat Intense.
Notes: Lemon, pink pepper, leather, patchouli, opoponax
Type: EdT
Parfumeur: Patricia de Nicolaï

Price: $5.00