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Chanel Coco

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Coco was launched in 1984 at the tail-end of the 1970’s YSL Opium “monster Oriental” trend. It was created by Chanel’s in-house perfumer, Jacques Polge. His inspiration was Coco Chanel’s private Paris residence which was filled to the brim with beautiful Oriental objets- Venetian glass, Chinoiserie panels, leather-bound books, etc.  Polge brilliantly paired this inspiration with Chanel’s unique design aesthetic, resulting in a brand new version of oriental fragrance - brighter, assertive, more intriguing with dried fruit notes mixed in with the traditional spices and florals and warm resin notes. Coco revealed a level of sophistication that lifted it out of the mainstream into the realm of wordless beauty. 

My bottle is the EdT, which seems to have changed the least from reformulations, and is brighter and more transparent than the EdP. The distinctive Chanel aldehydes burst out of the bottle, like champagne, soon morphing into fruity fizziness, like a splash of liqueur in spritzer water.  A cloud of fresh natural mandarin notes mixed with sweeter orange blossoms slowly slides into the heart where the florals announce themselves. 

Jasmine, and the delicious earthiness of dried rose and carnation petals fold into cardamom, cinnamon, sweet pimento, rich clove and dark fruit notes, so that the heart pulses with plush warmth and rich aromas.  The heart of Coco is just impossibly beautiful, is all I can say, and I’m thrilled that Coco EdT dries down slowly and evenly so I get to enjoy this gorgeous heart accord for several hours. 

The dry down is creamy and resinous from sandalwood, woody and warm from opoponax and incense, with hints of animalic sexiness from leather and civet, and finally, added depth from vanilla and whiffs of bitter chocolate from tonka bean. Coco’s waft is subtle and sophisticated, the scent lasts for many hours on my skin, its spicy scent clings lightly to sweaters and scarves, making it one of my most favourite cold-weather fragrances. 

Price: $5.00