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Comme des Garçons Daphne - Interview with the perfume

My newest perfume purchase, Comme des Garçons Daphne, is sitting in front of me, and I wish it could talk. I wish I could speak with this perfume and get to the bottom of my obsession with it. Wait! - do I hear voices? I think I sounds like someone is being interviewed.....

CdeG Daphne - You've been staring at me for the past 30 minutes.

Kay -      I'm sorry, I can't help it. I find you intriguing. Tell me, how did you get to be so beautiful?

CdeG Daphne - Are you talking about my appearance, or the way I smell?

Kay -      Both, but let’s start with your appearance. It’s so refined and elegant, but so modern at the same time.

CdeG Daphne -  OK – well, my namesake is Daphne Guinness - yes, THAT Guinness - a London artist/socialite known for her  off-the-wall fashion sense, and she had a lot of input into my creation. She LOVES black and white,  simple design, and luxury, so the box I come in has a white linen finish with a shiny black interior, like black patent leather, which is kind of unusual in the world of perfume packaging. And she wanted my thick glass bottle to look expensive and modern, so it’s a rounded oval shape, very tactile. But the nicest thing Daphne did for me, was to put me inside a velvet pouch, deep luxurious red velvet lined with red satin, so I can go anywhere, protected from light, and look really good. Oh, and my logo, my name – classic Roman letters etched on the glass. You’re right – I am beautiful!

Kay -      Sounds like every visual detail was planned, and no expense was spared. I’m assuming that the creation of your personal smell went through the same process?

CdeG Daphne -  Yes, of course! Daphne wanted my fragrance to have meaning for her, so she started from her love of white flowers, and included fragrance notes from special places in her own world – like orange saffron from Spain, roses from France, jasmine from North Africa, Arabian oud. The nose who created me, Antoine Lie, used the best quality ingredients for notes of bitter orange, incense, saffron, rose centifolia, Tunisian jasmine, tuberose, iris, patchouli, oud, amber, and vanilla.

Kay -      How would you describe your smell?

CdeG Daphne -  I’m definitely an Oriental floral. Some people won’t like me at all, because I’m a big scent, in the grand style of  the old vintage florals. What makes me different, though, is that like my packaging, I have an underside that is distinctly modern and quircky.

Kay -      That’s exactly why I had to have you, why I bought you! God knows I’m not a lover of sweet florals, but sometimes you have to bend your own rules! It’s those odd, weird notes that lured me into your pleasure dome!

CdeG Daphne -  And that’s why we put the bitter orange, incense and saffron at the top – to jolt your nose, and get your attention. Then we bring in the luscious white florals – tuberose first, then jasmine, rose centifolia (BTW did you know that’s Cabbage Rose – they grow tons of it in Grasse just for perfumes), and iris to put a dry edge on the honey sweetness of the rose. But did you keep catching whiffs of the orange and saffron? Those two notes keep tweaking the floral bouquet, and give me a really unique accord.

Kay -  Exactly - I love that slight mushroomy note that results from the orange/saffron thing. And then that delicious Oriental base of amber, patchouli, oud and vanilla. Mmmm, the oud, that vanilla!

CdeG Daphne -  Isn’t it perfect? That’s the magic – everything comes together into a blissful drydown. The oud makes me smell a little earthy and smoky, and the vanilla keeps me all wrapped up in smooth velvety warmth. And Daphne made certain that the magic in my perfume pleasure dome goes on for hours, and has great sillage – I am very luxurious!  And I smell very beautiful!

Kay – You absolutely do – you’re a bombshell beauty! And I think I’ve figured out why I’m obsessed with you. You’ve got a lot going on, Miss Daphne, all of which reminds me of a few of my favourite perfumes - the powdery sweet aldehyde of Chanel No.5, the bitter orange of Tauer’s Orange Star, the soured saffron rose of Theo Fennell Scent, the weird menthol tuberose of Tubéreuse Criminelle, the earthy dank oud of Al Oudh. You got it all, all in one modern little bottle with a red velvet pouch. And somehow it works!

CdeG Daphne - Well, thank you - you're very kind. All this talking has made me very tired so, if you don't mind, I'd like to get back in my pouch now........

Voices fade out.....End of interview.

Well, that was interesting!

 Comme des Garçons Daphne is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $5.00 for 1 ml.

Can't quit either!

Got a sample of this based on your review and have been compulsively wrist-sniffing too. I think this one is definitely, my list is getting very very looooong!

Can't quit you, Daphne

It's been two weeks since I posted this blog - and I'm still wearing Daphne every day - at least on one wrist. My favourite Fall scents are calling out to me, needing my attention, but somehow, I can't let Daphne go. Ever had a fragrance grab you like this?