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Déclaration – How to get the party started – May 18, 2012 New Fragrance Listing

Photo - Wikipedia - Martini glasses with olives - Kyle May, November 2007

Living life well requires certain skills, and for men, I think one of those skills is how to make a great martini. Not everyone drinks, and not everyone who drinks likes martinis, but those who do like them know the difference between a martini, a good martini, and a great one. The key is to use a really really good vodka, small green olives, sparkling martini glasses, and some showmanship. Great martinis in our house get the accolade, “Now THAT’s a  JB!” referring to a James Bond martini– “shaken, not stirred”, of course. They’re impressive, and one is enough to loosen lips and get the party started, in a good way.

Another skill that I think men need is how to wear a fragrance. Good taste and strategic application are important, but, like making martinis, the key to wearing fragrance is to choose a really really great frag. We only list great frags on perfumeniche, and I want to tell you about another one……. Déclaration by Cartier.

Déclaration isn’t new – it’s been around since 1998 – but it is by Jean-Claude Ellena, the nose at Hermès and the master  of the modern minimalist style when it comes to perfume design. Ellena  is an innovator, and has led the pack in the fusion of modern ingredients with traditional architecture, creating the effect of stunning simplicity that make his scents seem to float effortlessly, as well as creating his unique signature style.

Déclaration is that style, to perfection. Classified as a woody scent, the bright opening is a mix of bitter orange and green absinthe and herbs - neroli, mandarin, coriander, artemisia, birch, caraway – a fresh pungent citrus accord which develops with a hint of salty sweat. Into the heart 15 minutes later, the salty sweat has transformed into salty sexy skin, and is joined by rooty greens and light floral notes laid over a bed of spices – ginger, cardamom, juniper - creating a radiant peppery effect. The basenotes are dry and  slightly smoky cedarwood, flanked by green vetiver, amber, musk, and refined leather, creating a final accord that’s rich, but beautifully understated.

Déclaration is loaded with good taste and modern elegance. It maintains a clarity from top to bottom, giving the illusion of a simple scent, but moments after the first spritz you realize that there is an underlying complexity that is pure genius. The development is seamless, perfectly balanced, never cluttered with notes that demand too much attention or overpower your nose. From citrus through spice to woods, ending with warm sexy skin, Déclaration smells expensive, refined and smart - “A fragrance for a man who knows what he wants, and knows what he feels.” (from the Cartier website).

Women love it, too. It IS a really really great frag. In fact, I think Déclaration merits a JB. It’s a James Bond frag –“spritzed, not splashed”, although two spritzes are probably needed to get the party started. Which reminds me – we’re out of green olives.

Today, we’re adding Déclaration to our decant listing. Decants are $5.00.