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Four Favourites – September 14, 2016


Goodbye to summer - Bluewater Beach, Lake Huron, Ontario -

Here we are at the end of summer moving into the Fall season again, which always makes me slightly crazy. Simple daily things like what-to-eat or what-to-wear are now suddenly ISSUES, big things like what-am-I-doing with my life send me momentarily off the rails. But I’ve learned these sensations will pass, just like the back-to-school angst that consumed a week of our lives every September.

What always reconnects me with my mojo is a little quiet relaxation all by myself doing things I love, like perfume sniffing. I reach for a favourite, choose a good book, settle in the sofa and let the magic happen.

Here are four of my favourite fragrances. Two vintage, two modern, each one is an extraordinary classic scent created by a brilliant perfumer. These fragrances always lift my spirits and warm my heart, for a whole lifetime of reasons.

Mitsouko – Guerlain by Jacques Guerlain, 1919

Eau Sauvage - Christian Dior by Edmund Roudnitska, 1966

Timbuktu - L’Artisan Parfumeur by Bertrand Duchaufour, 2004

Onda - Vero Profumo by Vero Kern, 2007

Click on the links to read my stories about my Four Favourites. You might want to order decants and experience the magic of these four great perfumes yourself.