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Goodbye Kay!

Kay and I have been dedicated to our perfume passions since 2011, when we began writing about our favourite fragrances and sharing them with you. We wanted you to experience the magic of niche and luxury fragrances right along with us.

Ten years is a long time, and a lot has happened in the past decade. New interests emerge, grandkids and puppies come along and so Kay has reached a decision to leave to focus on the next phase of her life.

Kay’s elegant writing style and unique voice have made her one of the top perfume reviewers out there. I know she will be missed by everyone who has read and enjoyed her writing over the years, but I will miss her most of all as I carry on perfumeniche without her. We’ve had a lot of fun this past decade, meeting perfumers, discovering scents and sharing our stories with you.

Kay is leaving but not until December 12th, so, if you’ve been thinking about ordering some special decants, especially from Kay’s stash, be sure to get your orders in to us by this date.