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Gourmands love cold weather – December 8, 2016


Caffe latte

I was out early for an appointment this morning. It was cold and crisp, bits of snow floating in the air, the perfect weather for a walk, so I decided to walk home along the busy avenue that is the core of our neighbourhood.

I’m so glad I did. Just a few steps into my walk the delicious aroma of deep dark coffee pulled me into the local bistro where I stood at the bar in the front window and watched the local traffic stop and go as I sipped. I congratulated myself on choosing to walk instead of drive this morning.

Spiked up on the coffee I headed east, only to be lured into the local bakery by the scent of gingerbread scones and croissants just out of the ovens. Samples of the feature-of-the-day are always on the counter right under customers’ noses so self-restraint is impossible. A scone and croissant were purchased and eaten with unbridled pleasure as I walked the long city blocks.

Past green grocers, the fish store, restaurants wafting bacon and toast, the gourmet donut shop, I floated home in a bubble of contentment, surrounded by familiar sights, sounds, and smells. For half an hour or so I was just by myself, just me, doing exactly as I pleased, and it was liberating.

As soon as I walked in the house I headed for the perfume shelves. I wanted the wonderful feeling not to end, and what better way to continue this spell than a spritz from a favourite gourmand scent. It is the season for gourmands after all, since they come alive in cold weather.

Their edible notes such as spices, chocolate, vanilla, nuts, coffee are often combined with sugary notes of syrup, honey and caramel, which can be cloying unless balanced with just the right combination of contrasting notes such as woods, resins and herbs. In the hands of a brilliant perfumer a gourmand fragrance can be delicate or decadent but never so real that it feels like wearing food on your skin, and never so abstract that the mouth-watering gourmand aroma that attracts in the first moments gets lost in the mix, or disappears completely.

Done well, a gourmand fragrance creates a blanket of scent, pulling up warm memories and feelings, a perfect partner for a solitary walk through the neighbourhood on a cold crisp morning.

Here are some of our favourite gourmands that we think are done extremely well. Click on the links to find out which ones are decadent and naughty, and which ones are delicate and nice….or vice versa...

Anima Dulcis by Arquiste

Attire-Moi by Gallimard

Chocolate Amère by Il Profvmo

Five O’C’lock au Gingèmbre by Serge Lutens

Histoire Charnelle by Hubert Maes

Jeux de Peau by Serge Lutens

La Belle Hélène by MDCI Parfums

La Vaniglia by BOIS 1920

Noir Exquis by L’Artisan Parfumeur

Salt Caramel by Shay and Blue