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"I'll have what she's having" Pack

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3 "scentgasm" animalic fragrances for $13.00 + SHIPPING!


Absolue pour le Soir - Francis Kurkdjian

The minute this juice hits your skin, it starts to sizzle up to your brain where it catapults you right between the sheets where there is some heavy action gong on. OMG! I just had a scentgasm! As it dries down and you calm down, you can smell the traces of your lovely floral/incense/woody perfume throughout the day. But lurking just behind the smoky florals and soft woods is the slight skanky smell of sexual adventure. Notes: benzoin, cumin, rose, honey, ylang ylang, incense, cedarwood and sandalwood

Musk Tonkin - Parfum d'Empire

Vibrant, faceted, surprising, at once nocturnal and solar, this aphrodisiac potion changes on each skin, the better to enhance it. A lick of salt for the taste of skin. A heady floral whiff to remind us that perfume links our bodies to the erotic spells of nature. A liquorous, mulled-fruit burn contrasting with a light, shimmering veil of powder…strangely fascinating.

Musc Nomade - Annick Goutal

Musc Nomade is an incredible skin scent that is like no other, an effortless sensual ambiance rather than a fragrance. As I sat down next to a friend in a restaurant last night, his head jerked up “What are you wearing? I love it”. He could smell it, and I couldn't. But later at home, as I took off my sweater, a cloud of soft sexy salty-skin musk wafted up and reminded me that this perfume  really is "le plus sensuel".


Price: $13.00