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Insolence eau de parfum by Guerlain was released in 2008, and has the same powerhouse character as the original 2006 Insolence EdT but is more subdued and controlled, richer and warmer with none of the off-putting synthetic “hairspray” top-notes. 

From the first moments Insolence Eau de parfum is ultra-feminine with bold tart-sweet notes of ripe raspberry and violet in the opening, which quickly moves into a tender floral heart of violets and iris and rose, their powdery notes deepened with sweet rich orange blossom. As this floral heart accord takes hold, the famous Guerlinade vanillic warmth from the tonka note develops, which in the dry-down is accented with satiny sandalwood resins and animalic musks so that the full-blown feminine waft trails with a seductive force. 

The scent avoids the boring abstraction of other fruity florals, it feels full, and textured and natural. One or two spritzes are all that’s needed! Insolence is perfectly balanced so that the individual notes weave through and around each other and in and out of the main accords, avoiding the typical pyramid dry-down structure.  At the end of the day I could still enjoy tart raspberry sweetness, feel the cool sensation of violet and iris, and was stirred by the mouth-watering aphrodisiac of the caramel-vanilla scent of tonka bean. Insolence lives up to its name, pushing perfume boundaries with a scent that is so captivating and original, a scent which owns a waft that is undeniable, and undeniably beautiful. 

Insolence eau de parfum is sophisticated, ultra-feminine with a streak of rebellion – “I’m here, a WOMAN, I love this fragrance…indulge me!”


Notes: violet, raspberry, red fruit pulp, rose, orange blossom, iris, violet, tonka bean, musk and sandalwood. 

Type: EdP

Perfumeur: Maurice Roucel, with Sylvain Delacourte

Price: $6.00