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Isabella Rossellini’s Manifesto – Serenity rules – August 14, 2015

Image - Isabella Rossellini and David Lynch at Cannes Film Festival, 1990 - by Georges Biar

Here’s a celeb trivia question for you….

She was born into movie royalty, her mother an iconic superstar, her father an iconic Italian director, she became a model, an award-winning actress, she married Martin Scorsese, an iconic American director, she became an entrepreneur, an author, an activist. She is beautiful, still. Who is she?

Isabella Rossellini, of course, the daughter of Ingrid Bergman (Casablanca) and Roberto Rossellini (Stromboli), David Lynch’s tragic heroine Valerie (Blue Velvet), the face of Lancôme cosmetics and Trésor parfum for more than a decade, and the inspiration behind Manifesto, the cosmetics line launched by Lancaster in 1999. Aimed at a more mature customer, the line never really got off the ground and was discontinued after a few years, but the fragrance line with Isabella Rossellini’s Manifesto continued.

Manifesto is one of my two most favourite re-set scents – the other is Lime Basil & Mandarin by Jo Malone. After a summer of humidity and feasting on white indoles, fruity florals, animalics, and oakmoss-loaded chypres, my nose/brain is ready for some serious therapy with unadorned scents. Manifesto was created by Alberto Morillas – Bulgari Omni, CKOne, Tommy, Cartier’s Baiser du Dragon, Acqua di Gio, are just a few of his famed fragrances. Isabella’s personal manifesto is all about appreciating the simple things in life, living in the moment with nature, feeling comfortable in your own skin, so Manifesto is an airy green floral, intended to inspire feelings of contentment and relaxation. This I learned from the brochure which accompanied the sleek glass bottle with the unique pop-up cap in the white and pale-green box.

There’s a fresh herbal accord at the opening, with bergamot and basil spiced up with white pepper, which quickly slides into the heart notes of just–picked, fresh from the garden white flower bouquet – mandarin orange blossoms, sweet pea, and jasmine, none of which stand out on their own, but whose sweet floral notes swirl with the green herbs into a cloud of relaxing spa scent. Sandalwood and soft musks form the base, a subdued accord still scented with the green basil from the opening accord, but which stays close to the skin, and feels comforting.

Isabella Rossellini’s Manifesto is simple and green and fresh, definitely an uncomplicated scent, but on days when drama is to be avoided, I consider its simplicity as a gift. I could go to the spa, I guess, or for a walk in the woods, or meditate in a bare white room, but I much prefer lying outside on the deck with a good book and a spritz or two of this lovely “re-set” scent. Serenity rules.

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