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L’Arbre de IUNX

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Launched in 2013 by Olivia Giacobetti’s niche line IUNX, L’Arbre, ‘The tree’ refers to the sandalwood tree. Sandalwood is one of the key ingredients in perfumery. It has a warm, soft, milky, precious-wood lingering aroma with a green top note that gives a long-lasting woody base to fragrances. It is also an excellent fixative. The best sandalwood is Mysore sandalwood from India, but high demand has resulted in over-harvesting of these slow-growing trees and a search for viable replacements, like Australian sandalwood.

The story behind L’Arbre is that Giacobetti has somehow come upon a source of sandalwood from India and based this fragrance on it. The truth is that while I have smelled thousands of perfumes, I’m no expert on sandalwood. What’s more, Giacobetti is very closed about the notes in the fragrances in her IUNX line. That’s fine with me, this is a sublime fragrance that would suffer from breaking it down to its component chemical parts.

So what does L’Arbre smell like? Sandalwood, true and authentic – from the green at the opening it grows woody, then warm, spicy and incensy. Over time, it shifts more than it blooms, playing a shadow game – sometimes salty, sometimes dry or creamy and I get a soft lovely, light nuance of fig - but is alwys exotic, woody and rich.
L’Arbre doesn’t shout, it is too diaphanous for that and too minimalist. It’s a skin scent that softly settles with a quiet, potent sandalwood presence - there’s that balance that I love.

L’Arbre de IUNX is only available at the IUNX store in Paris.

Notes: Sandalwood

Type: EdT

Parfumeur: Olivia Giacobetti

Price: $5.00