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Le b. – Summer in the city or wherever (New Fragrance Listing, Monday, August 1st, 2011)

Photo - Wikipedia - Paris-Plages 2009 - Jean Louis Zimmerman

Parisians know how to deal with summer heat – they leave the city. During the month of August, Paris empties out. Some people go to cool off in the Alps, but most travel to the sea.

Of course, some people have no choice but to stay in the city and cope as best they can. So, if Parisians can’t get to the beach, the beach comes to Paris. That’s right, for one month each year for the last ten years summer is celebrated on the banks of the Seine with Paris-Plages. During this time the roads on the banks of the Seine are closed off to traffic, tonnes of sand are spread along them, palm trees, chaise lounges and umbrellas are brought in et voilà – the beach in the centre of Paris!

But what about those of us who don’t live in Paris? There is another alternative: Le b. by Agnès b.

Agnès b. is a French fashion designer based in Paris, so she gets the whole summer-in-the-city scenario. As a young woman she worked as a junior editor at Elle Magazine but she soon realized that she would rather design clothes than write about them, so after studying design and fashion she opened her first boutique in Les Halles in 1975.  In 1987 she launched Le b. perfume. In 2007, it was relaunched and updated by nose Olivia Giacobetti.

On her website Agnès b. talks about the inspiration for the scent -  the smell of suitcases opened after summer vacation by the sea, the smell of a veil of linen dried in the sun or of silk satin on the skin.  And this is what Le b. delivers.

It opens softly with slightly sweet orange flower and citrusy lemon leaf – clean and fresh. At the heart there is a salty note from watermelon seeds and a floral note from exotic, carnal jasmine.  As it blooms on the skin, it smells of summer at the beach – the salty sea, tropical flowers, skin warmed by the sun – experienced  through clean linen clothing.

This is a subtle, soft and aquatic scent that stays close to the skin and lets you bring the beach to your city - or wherever you want whenever you like.

TIP: I keep my bottle in the fridge – what a delicious hit of cool on a hot day!


Le b. is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $5.00 for 1 ml.