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Lemon by Mary Greenwell bursts open with bright yellow fireworks, an intense fresh accord that goes way beyond smelling just great. It smells like the freshest just-squeezed juice from the sweetest, plumpest, biggest, most perfect lemons just picked off the tree, amped up by mounds of brilliant yellow lemon zest. And then other familiar citrus notes join this explosion of scent – lime, bergamot, mandarin and bitter orange. Is it sweet? No. Is it sharp? No. Is it fresh? Yes! It’s divine!
This intense citrus accord lasts for about the first half hour, never veering toward Lemon Pledge or foamy sherbet, and just when I think it’s going to fall away, becoming a faint memory as citrus top notes usually do, it gathers steam and goes green and floral as it moves into the heart. Clary sage, narcissus, lily of the valley (muguet), hyacinth and jasmine keep Lemon sparkling, and the mix of citrus with white flowers is intoxicating. It smells like the best sunny day you can imagine.
Into the drydown, Lemon moves from sun-warmed lemon groves into the Italian countryside scorched by the heat of the afternoon - dusty woods, powdery dried herbs, stone buildings bathed in hot sun – and the citrus subsides, replaced with the sensation of languid warmth. Precious woods, oakmoss, tonka and amber in the base transform Lemon into the scent of an aromatic oasis in the shade, and the smell of the best sunny day becomes the scent of a holiday to remember.
Notes:  Lemon, lime, bergamot, mandarin, bitter orange, narcissus absolue, clary sage, hyacinth, muguet, jasmine, Precious woods, oakmoss, tonka, amber
Type: EdP
parfumeur: François Robert 

Price: $5.00