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Lust - A four letter word

Jasminum grandiflorum - Wikipedia 

A family conversation…

Son: “Wow! Those flowers really smell” as he walked past the arrangement in the hallway. “They smell fantastic!”

Husband: “Yeah, they smell strong, like they’ve just been picked!”

Me: “Guys, those flowers are artificial, they’re made of silk, and the scent you’re smelling is my perfume!”

Son: “Cool!”

Husband: “Smells like jasmine. What’s it called?”

Me: “Lust.”

Husband: “Someone named that perfume right.”

And the two guys get in the car and drive off, leaving me sniffing my arm and thinking about Lust. My husband is very perceptive. Lust is perfectly named.

Lust from Lush/Gorilla Perfumes is jasmine, sweet jasmine, from top to bottom, beginning to end, and beyond into a galaxy far, far away. I used to think I didn’t like jasmine fragrances because their indolic undertones were headache inducing but experience has been a good teacher and I’ve come round to definitely liking this polarizing note. With Lust, this like has turned to love.

The jasmine note in perfumery is at the top of the perfumers floral palette, along with rose. Its natural sweetness is narcotic because of the indoles, which give the pretty five-petaled white blossoms a powerful animalic quality – the scent of jasmine can carry for miles. There are several species of the jasmine shrub but the two used in perfume are Jasminum sambac from South-east Asia, fresh-floral and energizing, and Jasminum grandiflorum, known as French jasmine, which has an incredibly intense aroma. Both are very expensive to produce, it requires 8,000 hand- picked blossoms to produce 1 gram (about 1 ml.) of Jasmine Absolute.

Jasmine is described as smelling of bananas and apricot jam but also of horse sweat and mothballs. One moment you notice the springlike freshness of white petals and the next you’re seduced by its hot animalic breath. Even a hint of jasmine essence can lend a seductive, voluptuous layer…”

The website in its inimitable loose trendy style, describes Lust as an “unabashedly carnal jasmine. It's virtually unheard of for a perfume to be this sexy. Seriously, we have really done it this time. Lust is a heady mash-up of rich florals and a warm, woody base that lasts on the skin for hours and hours. LUSH perfume and co-founder Mark [Constantine] has been working on jasmine fragrances for years, and this time he’s gone all the way. Unabashedly sexy, Lust stirs an inexplicable carnal yearning. Resistance is futile.”

The listed notes are jasmine absolute, ylang ylang oil, rose absolute, Fair Trade vanilla absolute, sandalwood oil, and they’re all in there, but forget about them because Lust is  jasmine, Lust is jasmine, Lust is jasmine. This is fair warning: USE ONLY ONE SPRITZ and prepare for the scent explosion. For the first thirty minutes I suggest you don’t leave the house, just lay back in your favourite chair, breathe the indoles and allow yourself to experience the lustness of Lust….resistance is futile.

Lust’s jasmine note is natural fresh floral-sweet, not sticky-candy sweet, but it is loaded to the gills with menthol, camphor, rubber, and sweat – take your pick, you may smell all or none of these delicious indolic aromas – but they are what make jasmine and other white florals such as tuberose, so unique. Some hate the scent, some love it, I love it, it’s so damn weird and primal smelling. The ylang ylang adds to the faint banana note but in the heart the spice in the rose appears and the jasmine changes, softening as the indolic effects fade slowly. Vanilla and sandalwood in the base reduce the sweetness, making Lust a little warmer and darker, creamy and satiny smooth, and the long long dry-down is dreamy.

Yes, Mark Constantine, who also created the strange and  beautiful Breath of God, has gone all the way with Lust and its jasmine story. It’s a BIG powerful scent and not one you would wear every day but at the same time, Lust has a very natural feel to it. The scent seems to hold nothing back, it hides nothing, has no artifice, it feels honest, intimate, and deeply deeply sensual. Sexy describes it, but doesn’t convey the addictive power of this fragrance. Lust is a perfect name for it but there’s another four-letter word that describes it to perfection. Love. 

Lust is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $5.00 for 1 ml.