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Launched in 2010 by Byredo, M/Mink was inspired by the black inkstones used by Paris art and design firm M/M.

M/Mink opens cold and animalic with a powerful blast of fresh, salty, slightly floral and aldehydic adoxal. There is no other opening like this is perfumery. Every time I smell it, my subconscious passes out from bliss -  and we are just at the start. As it moves to the heart, there’s a waxiness and a sweetness from clover honey that gives it body and coaxes incense forward which gives it warmth and depth. But I also get a pine note – inkstone is made from pine and animal glue - cold and stark against the warm, rich incense. At the base, patchouli leaf gives it an earthy note while amber gives it a muskiness.

The experience is one of smelling something cold and warm at the same time and this is highlighted by the lack of florals in the fragrance. And, while it is well-crafted, M/Mink is not a refined scent – the ingredients aren’t as manipulated or managed as they are in other scents. There’s a rawness to it that boldly marks the skin, like a tattoo does, but not with ink, with the scent of delicious, cold, animalic ink.

This is one helluva frag that I can’t get enough of.

Notes: adoxal, incense, patchouli leaf, clover honey, amber

Type: EdP

Parfumeur: Ben Gorham


Price: $5.00