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My Old Favourites – Gotta try these!

Fall jobs – emptying closets and drawers and changing summer wardrobe to winter. I have really mixed emotions when I do this - slightly sad at packing up another summer, but happy as I pull my sweaters, boots and gloves from their storage boxes  - kind of like greeting old friends. They always smell good, faintly scented by favourite fragrances. I catch a whiff of Chanel on a black cashmere turtleneck that’s my winter uniform, and the scent memory puts me right back in the 80’s, chasing after my energetic toddlers. I remember wearing Chanel for about two weeks straight last spring after receiving  a new bottle as a gift, and loving every minute of re-discovering that great smell.

My nose still in my sweater, I start thinking about some of the great scents I wore through the 80’s and 90’s, which I still own, and wear. Through the years, I’ve purchased new bottles when I"ve run out, because I intend to enjoy them as long as I have the strength to spritz an atomizer, or lift a stopper to dab on my neck. I’d like to share them with you, so today I’m adding these favourites to the Decant Store.

Go ahead – give them a try. Sample decants 1 ml. size are $5.00 each. Click on the individual fragrance names below, or click on the Decant Store link above to get to the listings for more detail about each of these old favourites.

Maybe you’ll connect with some old favourites, or make some new ones..................

My Old Favourites

Chanel No.5 EdT – Chanel
I read recently that Chanel No. 5, which was launched in 1921, is still the best-selling fragrance in the world. It’s a floral, with rose, jasmine, etc. but the notes don’t really matter. The fact is this fragrance is a brilliant composition and a beautiful scent.

Hypnotic Poison – Christian Dior
By Annick Ménardo, who created Bulgari Black, Hypnotic Poison is a lush Oriental with unique top notes of almond, coconut and plum. Launched in 1998, it comes in a distinctive deep red colour rounded bottle with a small black cap – like a little ripe fruit!

L’Air du Temps – Nina Ricci
Famous not only for its classic floral green scent but also its bottle with the two doves as a stopper, L’Air du Temps has gone through several iterations since it was first launched in 1948. The EdP and EdT were launched in 1995, today’s version still has the brisk sharpness of the original chypre.

Méchant Loup – L’Artisan
The name means “Big Bad Wolf" and it was created in 1997 by Bertrand Duchaufour. Obviously a man’s fragrance, but sweet enough for a woman, Méchant Loup is a rich dry chypre with top-notes of  hazelnut and honey, and a foresty dry-down. Charming! Worked on Little Red Riding Hood!

Missoni – Missoni
By Maurice Roucel, Missoni is a floral chypre from 1986, with an uncanny complex dry-down that is bewitching. Just when you think it’s done, the notes re-wind and play again, but play a slightly different tune. Amazing!

Madame Rochas – Rochas
This re-orchestrated version of Madame Rochas is based on the original but with a slightly more intense formula by Jean-Louis Sieuzac and Jacques Fraysse. It is a soft yet rich floral-aldehyde with top notes of orange and broom flower. Brings to mind images of the glamorous Hollywood women from the 50’s and 60’s in their satins and furs.

Nuit de Noël  - Caron
The current Nuit de Noël is based on the original created by Ernest Daltroff in 1922 for Caron. Nuit de Noél is an Oriental with woody undertones and the distinctive note - familiar to Europeans but not so much to North Americans - of marrons glacés, or chestnuts, and is reminiscent of Christmas scents.

Rumba – Balenciaga
By Jean Claude Ellena in 1988, this fragrance is far from his minimalist work in recent years. Rumba lives up to its name – full, rich luscious fruit and floral notes on an animalic base – ultra feminine and sexy.

Tocade – Rochas
Created by Maurice Roucel, and launched in 1994, Tocade is a floral Oriental with a brilliant heart of rose and vanilla notes. You have to smile and feel happy when you wear Tocade – you have no other choice.