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Nose-to-Nose – And now we are Two! – Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Photo - Wikipedia - Birthday Candles

Kay: Happy Niche Birthday, Gwen. Perfumeniche is TWO years old today!
Gwen: Happy Niche Birthday to you, too, Kay!
Sound of clinking glasses, and deep sighs of pleasure........
Kay: Ahhh champagne. Nothing compares – except maybe a fine aged frag. Hey, BFF, do you have any deep thoughts about the past two years?
Gwen: Well, I knew it would be fun, but I didn’t think it would be THIS MUCH FUN! When I think of the places we’ve been, the people we’ve met, the things we’ve seen, the smells we’ve smelled – I just get so verklempt!
Kay: Me, too. Remember the very first night we sniffed perfumes? I sniffed a decant of Invasion Barbare and went into orbit, and I haven’t landed since! I’d never smelled notes like that in a perfume, in that intensity, it was so rich and REAL – I knew it was from Europe, and was outrageously expensive. I fantasized about having a whole bottle of it.
Gwen: But you did get a bottle of that great juice….you just had to go to Paris to get it.
Kay: Yes, you and I went to Paris on a perfume pilgrimage – two Canadian perfumistas on their knees in the Guerlain store. And we met Claude Marchal from MDCI. What a nice guy, and an interesting guy – we learned a lot about the niche biz from him.
Gwen: What a day that was - we met James Heeley that day, too. He was so generous with his time, talking about his artistic vision of scent, and introducing us to his fabulous perfumes. Cardinal is still an all time fave!

Kay: And how about our trips to New York! Visiting Aedes de Venustus and chatting with Robert, one of the the owners. What a blast!
Gwen: And making our own discoveries – Bigelow’s and New London Pharmacy, Lafco in Soho,  and MiN. Remember the the first time we went to the Comme des Garçons store in Chelsea? – it looks like the Jetson’s space-age garage. How were we supposed to know it was a store....
Kay: And then walking over the Brooklyn Bridge on that hot day and it took hours to find the CB I Hate Perfume store, because it really WAS a garage, but it was worth our sweat because the perfumes are so fabulous.You know, it’s great fun to share our experiences with other people in our niche scent community.
Gwen: And we’ve met so many great people who sell perfume, like Naz at The Perfume Shoppe in Vancouver, and Nahla and Fred at Noor in Toronto, and Nancy Salter who owns Saltridges in Burlington and Sarah at Perfume Paradise...they have a great online store!

Kay: And let’s not forget the Vintage Master in Kitchener, Mr Fritsch!

Gwen: Right, he’s a walking encyclopedia about all the classics frags. They are ALL a great bunch of people.

Kay: And people seem to like our blogs, and Esther’s added a “newsy” niche to our niche, which readers like a lot - that’s the feed-back we get.
Gwen: We’ve interviewed perfumes, had walks in an enchanted forest, met poets in an Italian garden, written about bondage. We sure do get around for two chicks who live in a niche....but it’s time to drink up, BFF. We’ve got decants to pack, new frags to sniff, and blogs to write.

Kay: Say, did you really read Fifty Shades of Grey?
Gwen: Well, ahem, I had to research, ahem, bondage so I could blog about Agent Provocateur.
Kay:  I think I need to do some research. Pass me a bottle of  that juice.
Gwen: I can’t ....I’m all tied up.


And so starts Year 3 in the Niche.........LOL

Seriously, folks, we look forward to many more great experiences, and sharing with you our stories about our beloved perfumes. Stay tuned.




Many Happy Returns

Hi Gwen, Kay & Esther,
Many happy returns to you lovely ladies. Its a lot of work keeping a blog going for two years +. I read your blog faithfully and always enjoy your witty, well-written posts.

Missed seeing you at the last Noor gatherings. The last one was a little wild with all the bargains and mark-downs.

Since I saw you last summer, I have had the pleasure of visiting both Mr. Fritsch in Kitchener and Naz in Vancouver. Next stop - Paris!

All the best,
Ann O'Kelly

Re: Many Happy Returns

Hello Ann,
Thank you for the birthday greetings and for being a faithful visitor to the blog!
Sorry we missed the last Noor gathering, but we hope to see you at Saltridges on May 6th. Nancy is opening the store for a little sniffin', sippin' and sharing from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.
Next stop Paris - indeed!