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Nose-to-Nose – Lounging around and sniffing - August 12, 2015



Kay:    There’s still some summer left, BFF. Now is the time for just lounging around, relaxing, taking it easy…

Gwen: I’m a good lounger. Lounging is what I love to do. Lounging around is right up at the top of my Faves List.

Kay:    Me, too. Especially when I can lounge around and sniff frags at the same time.

Gwen: Mmm, lounging frags. I have a few of those.

Kay:    Which are your favourites for lazy, end-of-summer days and evenings?

Gwen: OK, first would be Ninfeo Mio by Annick Goutal. There's something about that opening citrus blast from Italian lemons and bitter orange combined with a warm peppery note that beats back the heat of the dog days of summer. 

Next, would be Juniper Sling from Penhaligan’s. Nothing battles heat like the freshness from juniper berry – just perfect for right now and you don’t have to add ice! Then, oh then, I long for the sea! Sel Marin has a citrus/bergamot opening that is fresh and bracing; as it blooms, a gentle saltiness appears alongside a greenness from algae that balances it perfectly. Such a summer scent.  

And then there’s Balle de Match by Parfums de Nicolaï.Tennis is THE summer sport. It opens bright lemon and tart, sharp, juicy grapefruit. It’s invigorating, refreshing and true and give a beautiful start to the composition. The citrus profile doesn’t fade, but travels to the heart of pink peppercorns and juniper berries. I smell a Pimm’s Cup. ang that follow.

Kay:    Nice list. All are definitely lounge-worthy.

Gwen: How about you? What’s on your Lounge List?

Kay:    First up is Muse, the floral chypre by Rouge Bunny Rouge – it goes from light to dark and is almost hypnotic, becoming creamy, woody, musky, soothing and comforting. Perfect for a warm evening.

Then would be Entre Naranjos by Ramón Monegal, the romantic and elegant citrus with bitter orange ambery notes -  I see myself strolling through sun-dappled orange groves hand in hand with a lover….sigh…..

Gwen: Sounds good…what’s next?…Kay, Kay? Wake up! come back….

Kay:    Oh yeah, where was I?.... lounging … OK, next is Anima Dulcis  or Sweet Soul – an Oriental Gourmand by Arquiste. This delicious concoction of sweet - chocolate and caramel and vanilla -  and savoury - salt and herbs and woods -  lulls me with its creamy soft’s opulent and has a seductive call.

And last, would be Angeliques Sous la Pluie, a Fresh Green scent by Frédéric Malle, inspired by the ethereal scent of angelica blossoms. It’s light and luminous, elegant, uncontrived. Pale sweet petals and woods, earthy and moist, musky and soft - breathing it makes me feel like I’m quietly floating away…

Gwen:  Kay, Kay …come back. Oh ooh. She’s gone again. Lounging around sniffing frags can be more dangerous than you think! Grab the last bit of summer by the proverbial sunrays, sniff these great fragrances and many more like these in our Decant Store, to make your summer last longer.