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Nose-to-Nose - "Bikini Blaster" Summer 2011 Top Ten Faves List - June 22, 2011



Photo - Wikipedia - Woman in black thong bikini - Sergio Savarese, 07/02/2005

Gwen: Hey, it's officially summer! Time to raise the umbrella, fill the kiddie pool, stick in our feet and relax with a nice cool glass of prosecco!  

Kay: Great, isn't it! Long days, warm weather, cooking on the barbecue.....ahhhh, the scents of summer!

Gwen: Speaking of which.....what are your fave summer scents?

Kay: You mean perfumes?

Gwen: Yep.

Kay: My very, very faves – the ones I love beyond all reason?

Gwen: Yeah, those ones.

Kay: Well. I've got a few. It goes without saying (although I’m saying it) that I like the typical light, breezy, citrusy ones like everyone else, but I'm kinda unconventional because I think some heavy frags really bloom in hot weather, and smell amazingly different from when I wear them in the winter. Like the heat melts their facade and reveals their secret inner selves..........

Gwen: I know exactly what you mean! Some scents really surprise you in hot weather!. Say, why don't we do a perfumeniche "Top Ten Faves for Summer 2011" - come up with five each!

Kay: Ohhh, I love lists! And let's mix it up – old, new, fun, exotic – a list that'll blow our readers bikini tops right off!

Gwen: And their bottoms! 

Here it is...............


The  "Bikini Blaster" Summer 2011 Top Ten Faves List

Note: These frags aren’t listed in order of preference – just the random order (or disorder) of our thinking as we created this list together. Gwen’s are the first five, Kay’s the second five.  

#1 - Ensoleille Moi - Gaz Bijou

Ensoleille Moi is the smell of a tropical paradise beach. As it blooms on the skin, it gets deeper, creamier and lush. Through the drydown, vanilla gives it a bit of sweetness, salicylates give it a saltiness and white musk rounds it out. Gorgeous and sexy in the heat.

#2 – 1804 – Histoires de Parfums

 Inspired by French writer George Sand and named for the year of her birth, 1804 has a very surprising start, so different from the usual bergamot/citrus start! 1804 opens with notes of lush Tahitian gardenia joined by fleshy Corsican peach, and succulent Hawaiian pineapple which sounds sweet and fruity, but it’s not. Joined by florals, spice, sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla and musk, 1804 ends up warm, woody, earthy and exotic. 

#3 - Vamp à NY -  Honoré des Prés 

Vamp à NY opens with a hit of sweet tropical rum,then creamy, fleshy, buttery tuberose comes forward – not screaming, just blooming with the warmth of skin. A note of vanilla and one of green and soon a little heat shows up close to the skin, that shimmers and dances and draws people closer. Vamp à NY is an entirely original creation, and a must-have tuberose. It’s perfection on a summer night.

#4- Odalisque - Parfums de Nicolaï 

This EDP is a gorgeous expression of springtime - wild flowers coming to life in the thawing wet woods – heady and full of promise. Bergamot and mandarin, creamy lily-of-the-valley, white jasmine and dry, orris root combine beautifully, oak moss is at the heart and musk is at the base. Never harsh, but not shy either, this is very much a sophisticated French perfume. Try it in the summer weather and experience the flowers in full bloom!

#5 - Spirit of the Woods - Six Scents, Series One No. 3 

 Inspired by the designers memory of a scent experienced during a walk through an eucalyptus forest,the Spirit of Woods opens fresh and green from green grass and fig leaves. Cypress, elemi, coriander, vetiver, cedar and hinoki make it woody and green, warm but cooling, and almost camphourous like eucalyptus, so fresh, so woody and beautiful in summer heat..

#6 – Diorella -  Dior 

Diorella is a 5-star masterpiece which opens with a tart lemon-zesty blast, and becomes more green and juicy from the melon and peach, cool and thirst-quenching.The floral bouquet mixes with the fruit in the heart, and Diorella becomes its distinctive self, creating an accord that is hard to ignore and hard to forget: citrusy but not sharp, fruity but not sweet, green but not sour, floral but not cloying.  It’s young, round and full, with a vibe going on beneath the surface that is unique and unconventional, that becomes part of your skin. Diorella is as close to the most perfect perfume as you can get. 

#7 - Nuit de Tubéreuse - L’Artisan Parfumeurs 

This fragrance is a tuberose, but  green tuberose. – “dark green, emerald green, veering on blue” to quote the creator, Bertrand Duchaufour. At the top… mango, citrus, pink pepper and pink berries, mixed with spices, green cardamom and clove...a blend of hot and cold. And then tuberose, orange blossom, ylang-ylang, rose, angelica in the sweeter heart. Wood, resins and incense in the base, mixed with musk make it warm, dusky and seductive  in the drydown. It almost vibrates – it’s hypnotic.

#8 - Idole de Lubin – Lubin

WOW! Rum, bitter orange, saffron, cumin, sugar cane, smoked ebony, leather, sandalwood – Idole is luscious, warm and inviting. As it dries down, the rummy citrus-sweet top-notes take a back seat to smokey, leather/woody seductiveness......and every so often the rum jumps back into the front, which keeps the ride interesting.

#9 - Ma Griffe – Carven

Ma Griffe was launched in 1946 and the name means “My Signature”. The opening is shocking and starkly green – grass and herbs layered with citrus. The heart is florals - gardenia and jasmine, rose and ylang, but it’s not flowery. Spices and resins in the base, and the fragrance expands into a green mossy cloud, close to the skin, never sweet or cloying, but with a soft musky base which I think is very subtle and sexy. Picture yourself in the French countryside, speeding down a tree-lined road in a convertible, inhaling the warm sunny air, soaking in the vision of green grassy fields, on your way to the Riviera.....

#10 - Habanita - Molinard

Habanita is a luxurious wonder of a fragrance that unwinds each of its notes slowly over several hours, taking its own sweet time to reveal the deep, dark, sexy core.The opening is green and woody, which soon forms into a cloud of tobacco, sweet Cuban cigar smoke. The heart notes are the florals - lavender,jasmine, peachy rose, powdery heliotrope – never sweet, but seductive, feminine. The base notes, the true heart of  Habanita, are vanilla, tonka bean, amber and musk, then, just when you expect the drydown to fade.... earthy vetiver and dark smoky leather!

Warning - Habanita is best worn by WOMEN, not girls!! And in hot weather – va-va-VOOM!

All of our Top ten Faves are available as decant samples, so check them out and try some for yourself soon as the Canadian Postal Workers' Strike is over!