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Nose-to-Nose - Eye on design stars - Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Photo - Wikipedia - Bauhaus B3 Wassily Chair - by Lorkan

Gwen:   Do you know how many comments we get on our Handmap?
Kay:     Lots. People love it.
Gwen:   I know. I was at someone's house last week, sniffin', and they were upset that I hadn't brought any with me.
Kay:     That's happened to me too!
Gwen:   And, last week, you really needed a Handmap to sort yourself out after your online frag purchase.
Kay:     No kidding.
Gwen:   Well, the graphic designer, Dani Crosby, who created our Handmap for us was part of a team that won a Gold Medal at the National Magazines Awards in the Magazine Cover category – they won for the Feathertale Review.
Kay:     I always knew she was a winner.
Gwen:   Me too. Really nice young woman and talented designer who has a great future ahead of her.
Kay:     She sure does.
Gwen:   Congrats to Dani. You know, Kay, design is so important.
Kay:     Good design is really important. Think of a world without it - signs all higgledy-piggledy, ugly cars and houses, uncomfortable furniture, and drab, shapeless clothes - stuff would just look bad and confusing.
Gwen:   Absolutely. Good design is important even when it comes to perfume. All the perfumes want to get your attention, and be unique, but so many bottles and flacons are hard to hold, awkward to use, or just odd.
Kay:     Sing it, sister. But some are so beautiful.
Gwen:   They sure are. And I don’t often comment on bottles, I mean if the juice is good, it's good. But I do have a fave flacon.
Kay:     You do? What is it?
Gwen:   Midnight in Paris . The constellations, the way the color of the bottle goes from light to dark - it just moves me. What's your favourite flacon?
Kay:     My favourite? I can’t just name one – that’s like asking me to name my favourite perfume, which is impossible! There’s a few I truly love….
Old classics -  I love the Guerlain bottles for Mitsouko by Baccarat, the one with the “shoulders” and the little “umbrella” bottle, the fan-shaped Shalimar bottle with the blue stopper, the Chanel No. 5 EdT black and gold tower cylinder, and the Habanita Lalique bottle with the raised figures around the middle.
New classics – The Gucci Rush red plastic rectangle that’s like a pack of cigarettes, the little dark red “apple” bottle of Hypnotic Poison, which always makes me think of Snow White, the Tocade bottle with the blue hat which reminds me of a 1950’s Paris model, the Lolita Lempicka fantasy fruit with the gold stem as the spritzer.
Newer perfumes – The Serge Lutens bell jar, Lalique Encre Noire inkwell, Annick Goutal ribbed frosted beribboned flacons, Andy Tauer’s new pentangled bottles with the cube tops, absolutely fave new bottle design is Comme des Garcons Daphne, smooth thick round polished clear glass which nestles in the palm of your hand and makes the juice look like honey, and which comes in a small satin-lined red velvet pouch – it’s so simple, so perfectly modern, so sensual and beautiful. Just like the perfume. The design inside and out is perfectly matched.
Gwen:    Wow! Those are good ones. You’ve got me going now…Bulgari Black has that great ring of black rubber around the bottle that really sets you up for the gorgeous smoldering rubber scent inside. And then there’s the original bottle of Loulou, with its heartstopping combination of sky blue bottle with the red stopper, and Tilda Swinton ‘Like This’ has the startling red atomizer pipe that is so unexpected it makes me smile, then there’s Annick Goutal’s gorgeous butterfly bottles – the round ones you can hold in both hands, Caron’s raised polka-dot bottles that just feel so good when you hold them, Comme des Garçons Stephen Jones has the most wonderful black, fluted bottle that just makes me happy to see it, Balenciaga Paris with its subtle irregular angles that you don’t notice visually,as much as you experience them – it feels great in your hand, but you don’t know why until you really look at the bottle.
Kay:     See, you don’t just have one fave bottle either! Hey, how about we bring out these special “design stars” and look them over again. Sit and admire them, soak up their beauty...let these fabulous frags work their magic on our other senses.

Gwen:   Yeah, let’s give the girls a night out.

Kay:      What about the boys?

Gwen:   Line ‘em up, and let’s have a look at them too.