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Nose-to-Nose Gwen and Kay’s “Spring Faves” Sample Packs- Wednesday June 1, 2011


 Gwen:   Kay, it's June 1st! After so many starts and stops it seems like Spring is finally here!
Kay:       Yup. Flowers are up, bees are buzzing, and I am wearing my new strappy sandals.
Gwen:   And what frag are you wearing?
Kay:      That's a very ineresting question, because I was just feeling so “springy” this morning that it was almost impossible to choose one of my new Spring favourites – I wanted to wear them ALL!
Gwen:    Now, that would have been interesting! Which ones were they?
Kay:      Diorella, Lime Basil and Mandarin, Mandragore, and Violette in Love.
Gwen:    Wow! I see what you mean by hard to choose. Tough decision. I've been on a real "Spring fave" kick myself lately. I can't get enough of 1804, Odalisque, Ninfeo Mio, and After My Own Heart. I love, love, love them!!

Kay:      “Love is all you need, Love is all you need, Love is all you need....”

Gwen:    Okay, you can stop now – you know you can’t sing!  But I have to say you can sure choose fabulous spring perfumes!

Kay:      You’re not so bad at it yourself, BFF.

Gwen:    Why don't we offer our Spring faves in Sample Packs, one from you, and one from me , and share the love with our readers!
Kay:      Hmmm -  Love, and Spring perfumes. Great combo! Why don’t we? - let's do it!

Gwen's “Spring Faves” Sample Pack - 4 samples for $12.00, plus shipping

1804 – Histoires de Parfums

Nothing beats that exotic gardenia/peach/pineapple opening that moves to a warm, spicy, rose heart that leads to a woody, slightly dirty finish. Luscious, creamy and rich.
Odalisque – Parfums de Nicolaï

This great frag is very much a sophisticated French perfume - never harsh, but not shy either. It’s wild flowers coming to life heady and full of promise. 
Ninfeo Mio – Annick Goutal

That Italian lemon/bitter orange opening transports me to Il Giardino di Ninfa. Citrus, woodsy and green, this is like a cool breeeze blowing through hell.

After My Own Heart - Ineke

Lilacs, those harbingers of spring - this layered, serene soliflore is the whole experience of lilacs – the leaves, the flower and the stems. So romantic, so evocative, so perfect for right now.


Kay’s “Spring Faves” Sample Pack - 4 samples for $12.00, plus shipping


Lime Basil and Mandarin - Jo Malone

This famous scent smells young, fresh and intriguing - the herbal notes of basil and thyme are just right and exceptional, and transform the rich citrus into a top-notch classical cologne.

Diorella – Dior

Diorella is a citrus-green-fruity-floral-woody chypre, a scent abstraction that I think is as close to the most perfect perfume as you can get.  The only way I can describe it is to say, “It smells like Diorella”.

Mandragore – Annick Goutal

In the base, there is a woody-musky note, with the anise and ginger and earthy herbal green “mandrake” note still floating in and out. Mandragore settles into a light herbaceous scent with a creamy quality that definitely “likes the skin, for both a man and a woman.”

Violette in Love – Parfums de Nicolaï

Violette in Love takes the green and purple of the violet and mixes in other colours, making the palette much brighter and vibrant – yellow citrus, pink pepper, red raspberry and rose, black pepper. Coriander and musk add spice and fullness to the base. Wear Violette in Love, and you’ll feel young and flirty!


Today we're adding Gwen and Kay's "Spring Faves" sample packs to our decant sample offering. The price is 4 samples for $12.00.

Note: Samples are decanted into 1ml. glass vials, and contain .7ml of fragrance.