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Nose-to-nose: Sniffing out news with Esther

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New in niche

Websites are a godsend to perfumistas like me who don’t live in major cities. Still, there’s nothing I like more than a great bricks and mortar store. Now, one of my favourite e-tailers,, has launched a niche-focused retail store in Brooklyn, called Twisted Lily. Can’t wait for my next NYC trip to check them out! Read more about the store here on


Vintage appeal

The legendary Yohji Homme is back! Much lamented by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez in their Perfumes: The A-Z Guide, the discontinued scent has been relaunched. No word how closely it compares to the original, but at about $50 for 30 ml, it’s inexpensive enough to give it a try. Currently available in the U.K. at Selfridges & Co. (Insert teeth gnashing over perfume shipping restrictions.) Read a review of the new version on Now Smell This. 


Deals, deals, deals

I love spotting a good buy at Winner’s (Canada’s discount retailer, comparable to T.J. Maxx in the U.S.). This week’s surprise finds?  Tom Ford’s Noir (100 ml EDP for $109.99) and Violet Blonde (50 m EDP for $89.99). Noir is a deliciously rich masculine (but really unisex) oriental, and Violet Blonde is a violet and iris delight. Check out these four-star reviews from Bois de Jasmin: Noir here and Violet Blonde here


Another great deal source: Anthropologie’s exclusive scents created by niche perfumers. The latest ones to hit the stores are by Yosh, a California niche brand. Their California Aromascapes is exclusive to Anthropologie and features Monetelana (woodsy with wine notes), Angelina (fruity floral), Zuma (tropical florals and woods) and Sea Ranch (mineral sea musk and earthy aromatics). Priced at about $50 for 30 ml EDP. (Really want a bargain? Check Anthropologie’s sale room: there are almost always marked down niche scents from their past exclusives there.)


Nosing around

Yosh Han, the nose behind the Yosh line, may have been fated to become a perfumer. The Chinese character for her first name actually means fragrant or aroma. Find out more about her in this recent profile from website Handful of Salt.


Makes me want to try it

Ok, I don’t want to have to try this, but we all will at one time or another: “How to Remove Unwanted Perfume.” Thanks to Victoria at Bois de Jasmin for rounding up a range of ways to get rid of a scrubber! 


Just because

A pug. Who wears wigs. Really, what’s not to love? Meet Rocco.