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Nose-to-nose: Sniffing out news with Esther, June 17, 2015

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New in Niche

Nishane Istanbul is, according to, the only niche perfume house based in Turkey. Waxing rhapsodic about the line, they say “Let highly eastern-infused so-called niche brands keep using oud notes, if you are looking for something dark, spicy and different, not imagined in the minds of a Westerner than Nishane offers you a genuine culture experience.” Well, that sounds intriguing! And since the scents are now available on (including in decants), perhaps it’s time to check them out. I think Rosa Turca will be on my to-trie list, along with Pachul Khoza and Suede et Safran. Mmm, so much to try! 

Deals, deals, deals

What are you getting Dad for Father’s Day? If you’re looking for a deal that still smells like a million bucks, might I suggest Monsieur Balmain, Grey Flannel or Rochas Man? All are widely available on discount sites and often found at retailers like Winners and TJMaxx. And if you’re looking for decants, Gwen and Kay have those too!

Nosing around

Maurice Roucel is the nose behind Rochas Man, New Haarlem, Tocade, Missoni and many other gorgeous scents. Here he is discussing his work for Frederic Malle: Musc Ravageur and Dans Tes Bras. And the good news is that Gwen and Kay have decants on offer of all (with the exception of Musc Ravageur). Explore and enjoy!

Makes me want to try it

Denyse Beaulieu of GrainDeMusc  and the book The Perfume Lover has been the source of many of my lemmings. Now, I’m itching to try Azzedine Alaia’s new fragrance, based on her review. Read it here.

Just because

I. Love. This. Little. Girl.