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Nose-to-nose: Sniffing out news with Esther, May 12, 2016

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New in Niche
Canada’s own Zoologist Perfumes has won in the Independent Category of the Art and Olfaction Awards for Bat, created by nose Ellen Covey. Congratulations to owner Victor Wong!
And if you’re interested in giving Bat a sniff, Gwen and Kay have it on offer, along with Hummingbird, Rhinoceros and Beaver. 
Nosing Around
Ellen Covey, the perfumer behind Zoologist’s Bat, is no stranger to awards: Last year, her fragrance Woodcut also won an Art & Olfaction award in the Artisan Category. She’s the creator behind the line Olympic Orchids and a self-educated perfumer. Find out more about her in this interview conducted by Zoologist’s Victor Wong.
Vintage Appeal 
It’s May, and for me, that means Diorissimo, Dior’s take on lily of the valley, created by Edmond Roudnitska. If you’re a lily of the valley fan, check out these 5 must-sniff perfumes, as chosen by 
The good news? Of the five, Gwen and Kay have En Passant on offer--though you’ll have to search out the others on your own!
Makes Me Want to Try It
If you’re a fan of Vogue magazine, then you’re likely a fan of Grace Coddington. Whether you recognize the name of the magazine’s creative director or not, you’ve seen her work on the pages of the magazine for decades. Now, she’s launched a perfume called Grace by Grace Coddington in conjunction with Comme des Garcons—and it’s inspired by her love of English roses. Grace Coddington, CdG and roses? I am definitely going to want to sniff this—and after reading Jessica’s review on NowSmellThis, my impression is confirmed. Grace just moved to the top of my “must sniff” list!
Deals, Deals, Deals
Grace by Grace Coddington got me thinking about other rose scents that I love, and up near the top of the list is Cabaret by Parfums Gres, created by nose Michel Almairac. It’s also got a hit of lily of the valley, lemon and peony, as well as iris, violet and incense, then patchouli and sandalwood in the base. Sounds divine, doesn’t it? 
If you’d like to give it a sniff, Gwen and Kay have Cabaret on offer—though if you want to go straight to the full bottle, you’ll also be able to find it reasonably priced online and in many perfume shops and sections. 
Just Because