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Nose-to-nose: Sniffing out news with Esther, September 16, 2015

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New in niche

Vancouver perfumer Ayala Moriel has a fun contest on the go: She’s created a new perfume that she says “captures the magical scent of the Pacific rainforest on a warm, sunny autumn day…It smells a bit like how you’d think Chypre should smell, but is also with resinous-sweet ambery undertone.” She’s happy with the scent—but struggling with naming it. Among her rejected names: Pacific Amber, Emerald Amber, Arbor Vitae, Stanley Park, Gold Creek. So, in an effort to come up with the perfect moniker for her new creation, she’s asking her fans to make suggestions, with the person who emails her the best name suggestion by September 30 winning a 15 mL bottle of the yet-to-be-named ‘fume. Check out her website for her email address.

Vintage appeal

We’re still in that in-between land of not-really-summer-anymore and not-quite-fall-either, which has me reaching into my perfume cabinet for something-I-haven’t-tried-in-awhile. Up today: Guerlain’s Vega, a scent launched in 1936 by creator Jacques Guerlain. I have the updated version, relaunched in 2006 and reinterpreted by Jean Paul Guerlain. I haven’t sniffed the vintage—though I hope to someday—but the update is gorgeous: a woody aldehydic white floral. Just divine! Check out Elena Vosnaki’s comparison of the vintage and updated versions on PerfumeShrine. 

Want to sample Vega? Gwen and Kay have it on offer.  

Deals, deals, deals

U.K.-based Czech & Speake is offering 15% off all online aromatics orders over 75 British pounds with the code SEPT15. Lots to love there!

Nosing around

Interested in Jean Paul Guerlain and his approach to perfumery? Check out this video, including details of his earliest scent memories. 

Makes me want to try it

It’s by Betrand Duchaufour, it’s a gourmand, and it’s from L’Artisan. OF COURSE I’m going to try it! I can’t wait to get my nose close to Noir Exquis, L’Artisan’s latest offering. Can. Not. Wait. 

There are a lot of Duchaufour fans here, so the list of his fragrances on offer by Gwen and Kay is long. Check it out here. 

Just because

I love Stevie Wonder. And I love James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke. So naturally, this delighted me.