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Nose-to-Nose - Something smells delicious! Wednesday June 8, 2011

Kay:       Whew! Hot!

Gwen:    Yup.

Kay:       But I’m not complaining.

Gwen:    Of course not.

Kay:       Great perfume weather, though.

Gwen:    The best – the heat brings up all the notes. You smell really incredible - what frag are you wearing?

Kay:       Darn - I knew you’d ask that. I was trying to keep them a surprise.

Gwen:     Them? What do you mean “THEM”? How many are you wearing?

Kay:       Six. Three on each arm...on my left arm I have....

Gwen:    Six! You have six new scents?

Kay:       Yup! I took you up on your suggestion to check out the online discount perfume stores, and I’m tellin’ you, Gwen, there were so many great scents to choose from, at such amazing prices, that I ended up buying six bottles. All for much less than I usually spend on ONE bottle of new niche, including the duty - which, by the way, was almost nothing - and the brokerage fees.

Gwen:    Those online stores are amazing, aren’t they? I bought a couple of bottles a while ago – delivered in 3 days! Do you remember the bottle I bought last year with the defective spritzer? There was no problem returning it for a replacement.

Kay:       And they are the real deal - authentic perfumes. I can tell from the packaging and the bottles, and the juice, of course. I was a little worried about that, to tell you the truth.

Gwen:    So the floodgates have opened.....?

Kay:       Well, no – they’re just leaking a little......... an opportunity for me to own the best of the modern classics, and some hard-to-find best-sellers from the 80’s and 90’s that I’ve been yearning for. They’re such great benchmarks to compare new niche scents against.

Gwen:    I hear ya! So back to my question – what frags are you wearing? One of them is driving me cra-zeee  - it’s insanely delicious!

Kay:      Let’s see...on my left hand I spritzed Caron’s The Third Man, on my arm Parfum Sacré, or was it Rochas Homme, or Vol de Nuit – I can’t remember – maybe I put that on my right wrist – no, that was the Balmain Ivoire, I think.......

Gwen:    You didn’t use a Handmap, did you?

Kay:       No, I ran out of printer paper. I know – I’m an idiot!

Gwen:    Well, I just happen to have a Handmap right here in my bag. Go get the bottles and let’s start this test session over on me.  I’ve GOT to find out which of those six scents smells so darn delicious!

Kay:      Ah, the journey of discovery – I love this part. Now I get to do my new scents all over again. Actually, I planned this all along.

Gwen:    You did not.

Kay:      No, really, I did....seriously........

You can buy many delicious scents from online perfume outlets. We’ve ordered successfully from and We have no affiliation with either of these companies – we’re just sharing the love with you. We strongly recommend that you download a copy of our Handmap before testing your new bottles, so you can record which ones you spritz where, and avoid perfume confusion and embarrassment...unlike Kay.