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Nose-to Nose - Ten Fall Favourites – September 23, 2015


Image - -Autumn - close-up view of a vine leaf,

6 October, 2004. by kvd

Kay:          Fall begins today!

Gwen:        Yep, today is the Autumnal Equinox, which means that night and day are about the same length of time. You know, this occurs only two times each year: Vernal in late March and Autumnal in late September. Another definition of fall is nights of below-freezing temperatures combined with days of temperatures below 70 degrees F, or 21C.

Kay:           You know what that means…cool air and warm skin means it’s time to pull out those grassy, woody, herbal, smoky, cozy frags that were made for this time of year

Gwen:        Which ones are your favourites?

Kay:           Which ones? Have you got an hour at least so I can tell you about my Top 50? Fall is my favourite season for perfumes, food, clothes, and, well…just about everything!

Gwen:        Ok, let’s agree to narrow it down to five – each.

Kay:           Man, this is gonna be difficult! Why don’t you go first?

Gwen:        Pohadka by YS.UZAC was inspired by the breathtaking scenery at an autumn night in Lavaux vineyard terrace. It’s based on blond tobacco, which has floral aspects, played up beautifully by jasmine. Labdanum gives it a resinous richness, while leather and makes it animalic and vanilla sweetens it. The notes sounds heavy, but the fragrance has a lightness to it, making it perfect for autumn – the season that inspired it.

Kay:           I love earthy smells and flavours in the Fall, so Spirit of the Glen by David Moltz at D.S. & Durga , satisfies both these cravings for me. What a scent! It’s the smell of the Scottish Highlands - the rocks, the flowers, the moss, the earth, the rain, the mist - wrapped inside the distinctive aroma of The Glenlivet single malt whiskey. It starts with an unusual herbal green fruit accord that doesn’t quite get too sweet, it’s more grassy. It’s earthy and green, then spins off into the air and the heart segues into hay and oak wood, becoming richer and aromatic, yet keeping the soft velvety feel  – like the swirl of single malt whiskey on the tongue. What a scent! Spirit of the Glen is great on guys, whether they wear kilts, or not…

Gwen:        I would definitely have to put Venice, September 22nd 2007, 8:00 am Vaporetto to Lido de Venezia on my list of Fall Faves. Venice opens with the smell of the sea – the salty sea. Bergamot adds a cool freshness, tempered by anise, which adds a very slight sweetness. A note of peony gives it organic depth and sandal wood rounds it out with a woody note. It’s what you would smell standing on a vaporetto in the chilly air of an early morning in fall, moving on the salty sea between an ancient city and an island with sandy beaches populated not by summer swimmers and sunbathers, but a few straggling tourists and locals in light sweaters and jackets.

Kay:           I’d go next to a leather. I love Leathers! Especially leather frags like Cuir de Lancôme. The opening moments of bergamot and sunny mandarin, then saffron, dusty and slightly sour and medicinal, then creamy sweet ylang, and then WHAM – I smell smoke!  Smoke with a tarry edge, a campfire at night. The smoke rises as Cuir moves into the drydown, and then floats away to the edges, replaced with patchouli and iris, woody notes, earthy and floral with scented dry flowers and hints of caramel. Cuir de Lancôme is a warm smooth leather to love, a soft, smoky leather for warm days and cool nights.

Gwen:        Ahh, Ambre Précieux. Amber is one of my favourite notes for Fall frags and Ambre Précieux rings all my bells. It opens with bitter myrhh, strong and medicinal softened with lavender. Then the amber, sweet, dark and rich appears and soon it gets achingly smoky and animalic so that the sweetness is reined in just enough as nutmeg adds a note of spicy warmth. A woody base of balsam is the perfect complement to the amber while a note of vanilla softens it all making it gorgeous to wear and to smell.

Kay:           Sweet and dark, eh? I’d choose Kiss Me Tender for my sweet Fall fragrance, I guess because I fell in love in the Fall many years ago, and Kiss Me Tender smells like young love to me. By the wonderful Patricia de Nicolaï, it’s described as a gourmand but is much more than that! Almond and vanilla, punched-up with lemon and green anise lead into a heart of soft sweet faceted heliotrope, fragrant with spices and seductive white florals. Vanilla, musk, and myrhh and more almond make the base a soft, deep, intoxicating skin scent, made for touching….

Gwen:        Hmmm, I’m going way back for Parfum Sacré. I’ve been wearing this more and more lately. A citrus/ spice opening leads to a heart of roses - lush and full, rounded out with jasmine and sweetened with a bit of orange blossom. The base is bitter myrrh, animalic civet on rosewood and cedarwood, all of it out rounded out with musk and tempered by exotic vanilla. The effect is a woody, peppery, incensey rose, so rich, warm, deep and dark that I can’t help but reach for it this time of year.

Kay:           While I’m on the subject of gourmands, I have to include Milano Caffè by La Via del Profumo. Sitting outdoors at a downtown restaurant with an espresso, just watching the world go by is my idea of time well spent on a sunny Fall afternoon. Milano Caffè opens with deliciously rich and dissonant aromas of bitter coffee and darkest chocolate wrapped in an earthy patchouli leaf.  Within a couple of minutes light spices start to waft up, ginger, clove and cardamom, which add a slightly sweet tobacco note to the dark accord, giving it a very light dried fruit aspect. The earthy herbal note segues into a green vetiver with a touch of  jasmine and lemon…it’s the smell of classic Italian style, female or male…what an evocative perfume.

Gwen:        This last one is a bit of a surprise, but I’m grooving on Eau de Lavande. I love the smell of this on a man this time of year. Potent wild French lavender - sharp, aromatic and camphorous merges with  warm, rich, spicy immortelle to give Eau de Lavande a gorgeous virility. The drydown is elegant, sophisticated and refined with enough heft to handle those cool days of fall.

Kay:           And I’m groovin’ on Sunshine. Amouage Sunshine, that is. Sunshine Woman is just beautiful. It makes me feel happy so I’ll definitely wear it for the next few months. It smells sweet, fruity and medicinal then transforms almost immediately into a soft almond, so the opening is inviting, warm and airy rather than overpowering. In the heart, white florals bloom in their own private garden, individual notes of jasmine, peachy osmanthus and magnolia blending into a rich luxurious accord, the gentle almond note takes on a vanillic edge, adding a velvety warmth to the dry-down through the heart and putting me a state of pure bliss. And then there’s the earthy, smoky, leathery base infused with tobacco and vanilla. Sunshine Woman is my new Vitamin D.

Gwen:        Wow! Whew! Those are some great frags!

Kay:           And I’m just getting started.

Gwen:        Wait a minute, BFF – we agreed to five each!

Kay:           Yeah, that's just impossible. So the next one on my list is…..

Try some our Ten Favourites for Fall 2015. Everyone needs some extra Vitamin D.