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Osmanthe Yunnan

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Osmanthe Yunnan is a fabulous eau de toilette fragrance, created for Hermés in 2005 by Jean-Claude Éllena, the master of minimalist scents.

The tea is the star in this fragrance but it’s far from a steeped smoky brew – it’s more like an herbal tea infusion. The scent opens with a pungent whiff of orange, and a minute later the tea note appears on top of a peachy floral cloud from the white blossoms and fruit. 

At this point a lovely milkyness appears and as it moves into the heart, the tea note gets a little richer and slightly smoky, but the pale floral accord continues, developing a hint of leather and musk in the dry-down.

To me, Osmanthe Yunnan smells like spring and early summer, faint whiffs of young white blossoms and leaves mixed with warm sunlight, and the muted  animalic notes. It's undemanding, easy to wear, and very chic.

In Osmanthe Yunnan I’ve discovered the beauty of simplicity.



Notes: Yunnan tea, freesia, apricot, osmanthus, leather and musk

Type: EdT

Parfumeur: Jean-Claude Éllena

Price: $5.00