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PG20 L’Eau Guerriere

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I need some Warrior Water.  The kind that Pierre Guillaume from Parfumerie Générale makes. L’Eau Guerrière – PG No. 20 in his Private Collection, which he describes as “ modern, and raw, an eau infused with dry woods”. The one that is fresh, resinous, woody, earthy, grassy, transparent, musky, and blatantly sexy. Why didn’t I think of Warrior Water earlier to ward off this brutal world?
The opening blast does just that. Like fireworks, a citrus aldehyde accord roars up with resinous conifers, volatile, bright, and raw. The sparkles dissipate and float away, and then rise again, this time sweetened a little with myrrh and balsam, backed up by powdery dry wood notes. Aromatics of herbs and grass accompany the heart notes and the emerging accord is a cloud of woody incense with a transparent wispy quality. I smell the beauty of incense without the heaviness of smoke, and it’s just gorgeous.
Then I detect the musk note and L’Eau Guerrière puts on its sexy face. The mix of musk and incense feels a little dangerous, a little exotic, with wafts of leather and the unmistakable aroma of  green marijuana. In the end the musky incense becomes a soft subtle accord, almost contemplative, and L’Eau Guerriere relaxes into skin scent par excellence, lasting deliciously all through the night.
L’Eau Guerrière always takes me to a place of beauty.
Notes:Cinchona Bark, Olibanum Resin, Aloe wood and Musk
Type: EdT
Parfumeur: Pierre Guillaume

Price: $5.00