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Rose d`Amour – Rose of love… (New Fragrance Listing Friday, August 22, 2011)


I love the rose scents. I always have. I am inexplicably drawn to scents with rose at the base, in the heart or at the top. I don’t have a reason, like they remind me of a favourite moment or person from the past. Maybe my proboscis has extra rose receptors, who knows - rose scents just move me.

Over time I have to come own and wear some outstanding rose frags – Incense rosé, Rose de Nuit, Voleur de Roses  – and now: Rose d`Amour by Les Parfums de Rosine.
I may be a sucker for rose frags, but that doesn’t mean I’m not fussy about them, because if it isn’t done right, a rose scent can have that ‘old-lady’ air about it and nothing makes my teeth itch more than that.

Rose d`Amour is done just right. It’s a modern perfume that has a vintage feel without being dusty, musty or frowzy.

It has a fresh opening from sparkling aldehydes and citrusy bergamot. Aromatic ginger gives it warmth while galbanum gives it a green bite. As it moves to heart, velvety rose takes centre stage and is perfectly complemented by earthy iris, exotic jasmine and narcissus, which to my nose smells slightly of urine. The experience is of a green/rosiness. At the base, there is oakmoss, with spicy nutmeg and pepper warming up the florals, and vetiver – the one used here has a lovely smoky quality.

Rose d`Amour is a sublime tribute to rose and rose present throughout. But its treatment here is modern, given the greenness and the ginger, yet the aldehyde, a synthetic component first used in perfumery by Ernest Beaux in Chanel No. 5 which was launched in 1921, give a nod to times past. Oakmoss also contributes to the vintage feel of this modern scent.

This is a woman’s scent, soft and sensuous – with a sense of the past, but grounded in the present. If, like me, you love rose scents, this is a must-try, if you are wary of rose scents, well, Rose d`Amour could change all that.

Rose d`Amour is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $5.00 for 1 ml.