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Rose Flash - Made for me…. – September 14, 2015

image - Roses in Paris market -

I was sitting at my computer surfing the net looking for a good homemade gin recipe when the phone rang.

It was Esther. “Hey, what are you up to?” she asked.

“I’m just working on a project,” I said. “What’s going on with you?”

“I had a meeting near your place, but it got cancelled. I wondered if we could grab a coffee.”

“Sure. Why don’t you come over to my place and we can have a coffee here”.

Half an hour later we were sitting at my table catching up. Esther and I have known each other a long time and we always have lots to talk about but it doesn’t take long before the talk turns to perfumes. And so between sips of coffee and nibbles of macarons, the conversation turned to Andy Tauer.

“Andy Tauer’s Tauerville line is turning out to be a strong one.” I said. “His idea to make his fragrances more accessible, and with more affordable options, is brilliant”.

“Agreed. But can we talk about the frags?” said Esther, “I love Vanilla Flash, which Kay has listed in the Decant Store, and Rose Flash is a gorgeous rose scent. I think it is my current fave. Have you tried it?” Esther said.

“Only on paper. My bottle just arrived yesterday and I haven’t really given it a proper workout yet.” I said.

“What are you waiting for?” Esther asked.

“Well, ummm, I feel silly saying this…” I said.

Esther raised an eyebrow and looked me straight in the eyes.
“Frankly, I have a quibble,” I said, suddenly fascinated by some crumbs that had fallen on the table.

“And, it is?”

“Oh, for crying out loud. Tauer doesn’t give out the notes for Rose Flash,” I said.

I could feel her roll her eyes.

“Really. That’s it?” She said.

“I know, I know, but it just bugs me when perfumers do that,” I continued. “I mean, it’s like saying, ‘Here’s a landscape I painted for you. I want you to buy it and appreciate it, but it’s in black and white cause I want you to experience the colours you see when you look at it.’”

Esther sighed. “You make a good point, but the flaw in your thinking is that you missed the key point: “Here’s a landscape I painted for you”. Without notes to prompt or influence your experience, the fragrance becomes a unique experience, yours alone. It’s like having a custom blend.”

I brightened up.

“I like your thinking,” I said.

“Then open that bottle of Rose Flash and let’s smell what Andy Tauer made for you.”

She spritzed it on my wrist.

“Report please,” she said, leaning back into her chair.

“Oh my!” I said. “There’s a burst of bright citrus followed by the most amazing lush, opulent rose I’ve ever smelled. It’s rich and deep, pungent, juicy and jammy. There’s a dried berry sweetness to it.”

Then, a while later, Esther told me to take another whiff.

“There’s a dirtiness here. I smell geranium,” I said.

“Do you get any hints of spice?” she asked.

“Not yet,” I said. “Did you?”

“I did get some, but maybe it’ll show up on you later,” she said.
Awhile later I noticed that it got lighter without losing intensity, almost like a different kind of rose.

“It evolves that way on me too,” Esther said.

“And you know, the concentration is so high it feels thick on my skin. Oh, I do love that,” I said.

“Wait until the drydown where it gets woody, resinous and balsamic with the rose staying strong all the way through,” she said.

And it did.

“So, what did you experience?” asked Esther as she was preparing to leave.

“The most perfect interpretation of a rose, so deep, lush and creamy. It’s like Tauer made it just for me,” I said.

Esther smiled. “Yep, sometimes the notes just get in the way.”
“Hey, you know what? I bought Incense Flash too,” I said. “I won’t read the notes if you won’t.”

Esther dropped her bag and sat back down in her chair.

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