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Sweet Milk Cologne


Part of Jo Malone’s 2011 limited edition Tea Collection, Sweet Milk Cologne was designed to be worn layered under a tea fragrance to give it added sweetness and creaminess. I love it paired with Tea for Two.

It opens with bergamot, which soon yields to spicy star anise, and vanilla-scented heliotrope.  Soon notes of sweet milk and warm caramel appear. These are rounded out with a note of sweet, nutty almond, exotic vanilla and musk.

The drydown has a spicy, dulce de leche richness that is just mouthwatering, yet it’s so  beautifully balanced that it’s not too sweet to be worn on its own, but layering it with a tea-based fragrance really gets the best out of it.

Notes: bergamot, star anise, heliotrope, milk, caramel, almond, vanilla and musk.

Type: Cologne

Pafumeur: Christine Nagel


Price: $10.00