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Victoria Day Long Weekend - May 20-23, 2016



It's that time of year again. We're taking a break to enjoy our oldest national holiday, Victoria Day, also known as May 24th weekend, which honours Queen Victoria's birthday. You remember her, don't you? The current Queen of England's great-great grandmother, whose reign also spanned sixty-plus years. Long livers, these female royals, in fact Queen Elizabeth II just celebrated her 90th birthday!

In Canada, this weekend celebration marks the official start of summer, and in Eastern Canada, which takes longer to warm up after the winter season, it's the holiday weekend when we start living outdoors - planting annuals, filling patio pots, tuning up bikes, cleaning windows and decks. Actually, now that I think of it, it's a working weekend with non-stop back-breaking labour! Our street will be buzzing as lawns get trimmed and we catch up with our neighbours over the back fence when the barbecuing starts.

But we do stop to relax. I bet we'll pop a few beers - it's part of the tradition. And on Monday night we'll watch the fireworks on the Toronto waterfront, or in our local park. The first noisy blast of the summer season. Ahhh, summer! It's finally here.