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Vive la France, Vive le parfum – July 15, 2015

Paris, July 15, 2014 - After Bastille Day by perfumeniche

Kay:    Is that La Marseillaise I hear playing?

Gwen:  Absolument. It is the song of revolution, an anthem to freedom.

Kay:     Oh, right. Yesterday was Bastille Day in France. The national holiday that commemorates the Storming of the Bastille at the beginning of the French Revolution in 1789, which resulted in rights for all its citizens. But, that was yesterday.

Gwen:   I know, but Bastille Day isn’t just celebrated in France, or for just one day. In New Orleans, Francophiles celebrate the holiday for a week, and in New York City, a block party takes place on 60th street. I was thinking that since France is the birthplace of modern perfumery, we should make it a week long celebration here in the niche.

Kay:    Why not!! Let’s celebrate by wearing our fave French frags. Pass me one of those macarons, will you?

Gwen:  Here - take two, they're small. Now, which frags shall I choose...

Day 1  - I have to wear Eau de Claudie by Claudie Pierlot,  

Day 2  - It’s elegant Le Muguet de Rosine by Les Parfums de Rosine ,

Day 3 -  It’s going to be En Passant by Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle,

Day 4 -  Soft and luscious La Belle Hélène by Parfums MDCI,

Day 5 – Something magical like Dzing! By L'Artisan Parfumeur ,

Day 6 -  Has to be reserved for dark and delicious Absolue Pour Le Soir by  Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Day 7 –  Just has to be L’Arbre de IUNX by IUNX....

...Now it's your turn, Kay. Say, how about I whip up some nutella crêpes?

Kay:      OK. While you’re doing that I’ll choose my frags. Let’s see…

Day 1 -  Has to be my favourite classic - Mitsouko by Guerlain,

Day 2 –  Something lush and velvety -  Mon Parfum Chéri by Annick Goutal

Day 3 –  Nothing will do but Une Voix Noire by Serge Lutens

 Day 4 - Heroic notes in Vive l’Empereur by Christian Louis

Day 5 -  Ahhh, the luminous floral of Jour d’Hermès by Hermès

Day 6 –  Feminine majesty in Maharanih by Parfums de Nicolaï

Day 7 –  Finally, a gentle Promenade in the Gardens by Martin Margiela.

Gwen:    You know, I think we celebrate revolutionary thinking and the independent spirit of niche fragrances everyday!

Kay:       And not just French ones! But this week, it’s exclusively “Vive les parfums Francais! Long live French perfumes!. Mmmm, I have to say these crêpes are a nice touch, madame.

Try some of these very French fragrances. No doubt you’ll say “Encore!