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According to Parfum d’Empire, a wazamba is a “musical instrument often used in initiation ceremonies in Western Africa”, and these ceremonies use incense, which is sacred to all great civilizations and is symbolic of  “the voyage within.” Wazamba, the perfume, is described on the packaging as “an aromatic pine grove created around incense.” Incense is the core of this scent, and all other notes unfold around it.
My first thought at the very first sniff is “HUGE”. This is a huge super-saturated dose of pure incense powered by aldehydes, which soon takes on a slightly sweet fruitiness. The fruit note is listed as apple, which I’m hard-pressed to identify – I just know I like it a lot, especially when it develops a faint cinnamon spiciness in combination with the myrhh, with hints of licorice added in for good measure. As Wazamba dries down into the heart, the fruity/foody effect subsides, the heaviness lifts, and dry powdery incense wafts in its place. We’re at the incense core, and after a few minutes of enjoying its meditative spell, I become aware of the aromatic pine grove which surrounds it.
Indian sandalwood, with its creamy perfumed woodiness, combines with the resinous cypress and fir balsam, wrapping the smoky incense with rich forest smells. Hints of green needles, and earth, and soft brown forest floor, float in and out with the sweet accord of apple and myrhh, the aromatic sandalwood, and the burning incense, which has now turned to cool ash. Through the dry-down, all these notes are perfectly balanced and turn in slow circles around the heart of incense, making Wazamba a scent of pure raw beauty. Although a complex scent, it’s not what I’d call complicated, or sophisticated - it is just beautiful, and very real.
In Wazamba, the incense note that opens in flames, burns slowly, then glows on my skin for hours may be symbolic of an inward spiritual voyage, but I prefer to believe that it’s meant to celebrate the joy of living in the world, in nature. Maybe that’s the significance of the apple note. A couple of bites from an apple can change everything.
Notes: aldehydes, incense, myrrh, sandalwood, opoponax, cypress, apple and fir balsam
Type: EdP
Parfumeur: Marc-Antoine Corticchiato

Price: $5.00