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Spring garden in Toronto -

Gwen: “Hi Kay. Thought I’d give you a call to see what you’re up to.”

Kay:    “I’m outside on the deck, watching the garden grow”

Gwen: “Sounds like you’re gonna be awhile.  Want me to call back in a couple of months?”

Kay:    “Ha, ha, ha! The magic is happening, Gwen. It all starts with Spring! Warm days and nights, and lots of gentle showers so everything is greening up! OMG I love the smell of gardens! Tulips, daffodils and hyacinths will start blooming next week. And then there will be a non-stop parade of more gorgeous blooms from May through September! I can’t wait.

Gwen: “Well, there is a way to enjoy garden smells without a garden.”

Kay:    “How so?”

Gwen:  “Garden smells in a bottle. Scents like Dirt, Lilac, Peony, or Chrysanthemum, Wet Garden, or Pruning Shears from the Demeter Fragrance Library

Kay:    “Oh yeah, the New York indie fragrance line started by Christopher Gable and Christopher Brosius.

Gwen “The very one. Christopher Brosius went on to launch the CB I Hate  Perfume line.”

Kay: “I love CB’s Violet EmpireDemeter fragrances are mostly single-note linear scents, aren’t they, not perfumes in the traditional sense? As I recall they don’t really evolve or last long on the skin, which is why we haven’t listed them. I’m looking on their website now – they call their fragrances a “pick me up cologne spray.”

Gwen:            “Yeah, that’s right, but once in a while they throw in a surprise, like Pruning Shears. It was created by Francis Kurkdjian! It’s so evocative – there’s just a hint of metallic shears cutting through the roses. Sure, Demeter fragrances don’t last long, but you’ll enjoy garden smells indoors whenever you want! I dab them up my arm, in this order - dirt, lilac, peony, Chrysanthemum, Pruning shears, wet garden. It’s just a progression that I like.”

Sometime later….

Kay:    “Well, I love the fresh simplicity of every single one of these. I think these Demeter fragrances really deliver the smells of a garden growing and blooming! 

Gwen: I agree! It’s time to share, and offer our readers a Decant Pack of Demeter Garden fragrances so they can try all six and decide for themselves.”

“Garden Smells” Decant Pack is listed in our Decant Store. Six 1ml. decants for $18.00. 

Six single-note scents which bring the fresh beauty of a garden indoors. 

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Welcome to

"She smelled the way the Taj Mahal looks by moonlight."

                                                                       Raymond Chandler

We are Gwen and Kay, two perfumistas making our scent journey in the cool, clear North.  We are also BFFs - we hang out together a lot, travel together - so we try, buy and share fragrances.

What started out as a shared interest grew into a hobby, and has now become our obsession.

We’ve spent many evenings with a glass of prosecco, a little cool jazz playing in the background, spritzing, sniffing - “How does this smell on you?” and, sadly, sometimes scrubbing.

We’ve tested and tried hundreds of samples over the years, and when we deemed a fragrance ”full bottle worthy” (FBW), one of us has tracked it down and bought it. We now own a lot of really great perfumes, and we continue to buy bottles of what we think is the best of "niche" as new scents are launched.

Also, we include many perfume "classics" that are the foundations of modern perfumery - like Shalimar, Chanel No.5, Eau Sauvage - plus other perfume "gems" that have been discontinued, or were ahead of their time when launched but now fit perfectly in the Niche category. 

With so many exciting discoveries, we can’t help but talk about our passion with other friends. Wherever we go, people ask “What is that perfume you’re wearing? Where can I get that?” So we end up sharing a bit of our “juice” with friends. But the circle has grown, so we've started this website to let others buy and try samples from our collections and experience the fragrant beauty we write about.


We blog

We blog once a week and post a story about a scent from our collections, and add it to our Decant Store. We're not scent critics, so these aren't negative reviews. We love all our fragrances  - that’s why we bought them! But we describe how we think they smell, and share our stories about why we love them - maybe you’ll rediscover an old flame, or fall in love with a new scent.

Or we post conversations about whatever has grabbed our attention recently. Or we write about a specific perfume note,  and offer a Decant Pack, which allows you to explore new territory by trying 3 or 4 fragrances in a special pack at a special discount price.

We sell

We sell 1 ml. decants - .7 ml volume once you allow for the stopper in the vial - filled from our own bottles in our collection because the only way to experience a fragrance is to try it on your own skin. We take the fragrance from its original bottle and decant it into a smaller brand-new, 1 ml sterilized glass vials so that you can try it on your skin to see if you like it.

Through our Decant Store you'll have access to some of the world’s greatest niche scents, hard-to-find fragrances, and classic favourites. 

When you click on the Decant Store tab you’ll find our personal descriptions of each of the fragrances we currently offer from our collection, then you can add them to your Shopping Cart.

Let's be clear (this is a disclaimer!!)

  • We don’t sell full bottles of any fragrance - just .7ml decants. We only sell decants  from the perfumes we've bought.... because we love them.
  • We don't re-sell manufacturers samples.
  • We don’t represent any perfumers or distributors, so we don’t have every scent from a whole line of perfume.
  • We aren’t being paid to promote any product or scent.

If, after sampling a fragrance, you decide that you must have it, i.e. it is FBW (full bottle worthy), and you can’t find it, e-mail us and we will direct you to the best source we know – retail store or online source.

We provide

A place for you to learn about scent, and to share your fragrance experience with others. Click on the section called Resources, under My Perfume Notes (see top right), where  you'll find a Glossary, and fragrance FAQs. You'll also find two great tools we've created - Handmaps and My Sample Perfume Notes - so you can keep track of, and record your own scent experiences.
We hope you enjoy, and visit us often. Leave your preconceptions behind, look around, see what’s on offer, read the Blog, share your experiences and discoveries, and join the circle.

It’s just us.